Sponsors Come On-Board For Hotchkis Cup Series

May 28, 2015 05:22 PM

The Hedman Performance Group is bringing its 60 years of All-American Horsepower to the remaining eight events of the 2015 Hotchkis Autocross Series


NHRA Kansas Results

May 26, 2015 11:57 AM

The latest results from the NHRA Kansas event.


Lime Rock Results

May 28, 2015 01:22 PM

New winners ascend to the podium in the latest round of Trans Am racing.


Klairmont Kollection at Leake

May 23, 2015 08:59 PM

Some great cars will be looking for new homes at the Leake Auction in Tulsa.


Ford Dream Drive

May 22, 2015 01:04 PM

Ford Credit's newest contest could create a memory of a lifetime.


2016 Camaro Engine Lineup

May 21, 2015 01:44 PM

2016 Camaro’s New Powertrains


Celebrating the GT350

May 20, 2015 04:59 PM

There will be plenty of activity at the annual Mid America Ford and Shelby Nationals next month.


Holley EFI Classes

May 21, 2015 09:04 PM

Holley is offering training courses at three levels to better understand the Holley EFI


Corvette Funfest

May 20, 2015 01:39 PM

Corvette Funfest will be here before you realize it and it's right in the heart of Corvette Country.


1956 Olds Raffle

May 18, 2015 05:20 PM

Restored with modifications, this 1956 Olds will have a new home soon.


Pontiac Banshee at Auction

May 18, 2015 02:09 PM

Pontiac's Banshee concept car is often mistaken for a Corvette, but it is seldom seen.
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Norm Dewitt

Corvette at Le Mans

May 28, 2015 03:31 PM

A look at the technical aspects of the C7.R in its Le Mans debut.


Tommy Lee Byrd

Radial Vs. Bias Ply

May 28, 2015 04:35 PM

Tire choice has never been better. Is it about period correct or modern convenience?


Nic Conley

Help Your Classic Mustang Stop Better

May 22, 2015 03:30 PM

While the Coyote engine swap makes for great power, our ’69 Mustang project car also needs some attention behind the engine. We took it upon ourselves to go through the rear end and beef it up...


What Makes a Trophy Special

May 20, 2015 08:26 PM

Of all the trophy dashes that are held throughout the automotive world, how do you determine which one is the pinnacle of achievement?


Andy Bolig

Professional Painting Tips For The DIY

May 21, 2015 09:04 PM

How many times have we spoken to an enthusiast about their car and they inform us that, “I did everything but the paint!”


Guide To Getting You A Better Body

May 18, 2015 07:02 PM

Have you ever dreamed of finding that pristine steel body, languishing in the desert?


Brembo Brakes Control The Fastest Viper Ever

May 18, 2015 05:01 PM

Brembo carbon ceramic brake system controls the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR


Randy Bolig

Parts For An Easier Engine Swap

May 20, 2015 08:27 PM

Having a V-8 engine with overhead cams, forced induction, and aluminum heads is no longer something that you need to only dream about.


Better Performance From AMC's 401 Engine

May 22, 2015 04:44 PM

Don’t overlook AMC’s V8 engine when looking for performance.


Steve Baur

Rear Seat Delete

May 13, 2015 03:24 PM

The extra weight of the rear seat can be gone if you follow the rules and these steps.


Doug Flynn


May 11, 2015 02:00 PM

Who would ever complain about an 800hp engine that idles like a stocker, and is capable of 25 mpg?


Jobs of the Future?

May 21, 2015 09:04 PM

The changes of the auto industry means changes in the need for skilled labor.
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