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PA Student Gets Edelbrock scholarship

Larry Jewett - November 29, 2013 10:19 AM


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WyoTech has announced Scott Brown, an automotive student at the Blairsville, Pennsylvania, campus, as the recipient of the Vic Edelbrock Sr. Scholarship Award. The $5,000 scholarship was presented by Vic Edelbrock Jr., Chairman of Edelbrock LLC.
“With a 4.0 GPA and a strong work ethic, Scott was our first choice for the scholarship that honors the memory of my father,” said Vic Edelbrock, chairman of Edelbrock LLC. “Scott’s integrity and his passion for performance were evident throughout the interview process.”
The Vic Edelbrock Sr. Scholarship Award is presented to students and graduates who have shown excellent attendance and earned top grades during their studies at an automotive trade school. The desire to build high-performance engines and to be employed in the automotive aftermarket are just a few of the qualities required of the scholarship recipient. Brown was one of many candidates who applied for this year’s prestigious award.
After serving four years in the Army, Brown made the decision to attend WyoTech to learn the skills he needed to open his own automotive performance shop. Originally from Chesterton, Indiana, Brown scored 10 out of 10 points for his work ethic, character and ambition. When asked about his dream job, Brown said, “I want to design high performance systems for everyday cars. In other words, tear apart brand new cars and make them better!”