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Optima’s new powerhouse charges forward with advantages.

Andy Bolig - September 20, 2012 10:00 AM


All of the cords necessary for charging or maintaining your batteries are contained within the unit. No more wrapping up cords to try and keep them from tangling.


The Digital 1200 charger utilizes this ingenious LED worklight within the handle of the positive charging cable. Simply push the button on the connector and the LED provides plenty of light to see in dimly lit areas.


There is a USB port for charging mobile devices and an auxiliary port for use with the supplied maintenance cabling.


The control panel atop the Digital 1200 charger is easy to use and features LCD display and clearly-defined controls for both functions and charging fault codes.

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Automotive technology is always improving. That fact even trickles down to include the lowly car battery.

There have been numerous types of car batteries engineered in trying to make a better battery, and with the ever-growing acceptance of hybrid technology and battery-driven autos, technology will continue to march head-first into the future.

Autos have used different types of batteries, beginning with the tried and true lead-acid battery. This version of voltage had remained unchanged for many years save for some tweaks along the way like establishing a negatively-grounded system and bumping the battery’s capability from six to 12 operating volts. The next big change was to a sealed-battery (maintenance-free), utilizing either a glass mat (AGM) or gel-cell technology. There are even current auto manufacturers that are utilizing the newer, lighter style Lithium-ion battery, much like powers your cell phone.

With all these changes in battery technology, it goes to wonder why charger technology hasn’t followed suit? The biggest change for most car battery chargers is the addition of the 6-volt/12-volt switch and, if you’ve got a mac-daddy set-up, possibly a “Boost Charge” button! If you wanted something specific like a constant-feed charger to keep your batteries ready for service, you were required to purchase a unit to accomplish your specific needs.

Most enthusiasts are familiar with Optima’s line of batteries due to their perfectly-branded shape and color-coded top housings. Now, Optima is revolutionizing the battery charger arena with their new Digital 1200 battery charger. For years Optima has gotten feedback from consumers and dealers regarding the unsatisfactory performance of existing battery chargers, in addition to significant confusion about the best way to charge and maintain batteries.

With the deeper-cycling capabilities of the Optima line of batteries, many old-style chargers were found to be insufficient in being able to bring them back to charge. The Digital 1200 charger can restore a battery discharged as low as 1.25 volts. Most chargers aren’t sensitive enough to register that the battery even exists at that level. Many times, the battery was blamed for the fault of the charger.

The new Digital 1200 charger is more than simply a charger; it also maintains, analyzes, restores, de-sulfates the battery for long-life and, as an added bonus, can be used to charge items like cell phones and iPads. It does all this safely through the addition of microprocessors within the unit and several other features initiated into the package. Once you inform the unit as to what type of battery you are charging, it begins a process of cycles to adequately and properly bring the battery back to the best charge possible.

There are also ports on the side of the unit that allow for connection of a USB cable to charge small mobile devices and a port for the included cabling to allow for long-term battery maintenance. For long-term storage with the Digital 1200 charger, the battery will undergo a three-hour reconditioning period every 30 days. When reconditioning is completed, the auto-maintain mode will resume, keeping your battery fully charged.

Thanks to the aforementioned microprocessor, the Digital 1200 charger features a full text LCD display for charging, maintaining and fault mode indication. There’s a gauge that displays battery charging and fill rate with charger mode and fault messages. Other innovative features include an integrated LED worklight within the charging clamp, and easy selection of charge profiles by battery type, or battery maintainer by connection type.

You can get your hands on an Optima Digital 1200 charger by going to Later on, the chargers will be distributed through Optima’s nationwide distribution channels. There are a lot of new and exciting things that the Digital 1200 charger can do, but there is one thing that it can’t. It is only designed for 12-volt systems so those with the early 6-volt systems are out of luck. Then again, if you’re still driving your car with the original 6-volt charging system, “cutting-edge technology” might not be very high on your radar screen.

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