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New Added Location

Larry Jewett - August 14, 2013 09:07 AM


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Hotchkis Sport Suspension has opened an East Coast location, Hotchkis Performance East.  Located at the epicenter of motorsports engineering in Mooresville, North Carolina, the new facility offers custom fabrication services, safety equipment design and installation, suspension installation, and race car prep to enthusiasts and professional racers alike.  In addition to its racing services, Hotchkis Performance East also adds new product manufacturing, development, and distribution capabilities.
"It has long been our goal to expand the company’s manufacturing and product development abilities,” says Hotchkis founder John Hotchkis.  “With the opening of Hotchkis Performance East, we now have the ability to perform R&D on multiple platforms at once while simultaneously speeding up production, enabling us to deliver a timelier product to our customers.  Not only do we now have these additional capacities, but with Kevin Bryde at the helm, we can now also offer suspension installation services as well as custom race fabrication.”
The new shop includes multiple service bays, an alignment rack, and a two-post lift, as well as fabrication equipment and full machine shop.  All of these features allow Hotchkis Performance East to perform everything from basic suspension installation and alignment to full race fabrication and other custom work. “We’ve already begun manufacturing Hotchkis muscle car parts on site, and the deep pool of talent in Mooresville has allowed us ramp things up very quickly,” Bryde says.