Hot Rodders of Tomorrow

New Season Opens

Larry Jewett - March 05, 2013 08:30 AM


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Team Parts Pro from Thomas County Central High School from Georgia won the opening round of the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow (HROT) Engine Challenge with a remarkable time of 23 minutes and 38 seconds!  The Hot Rodders of Tomorrow (HROT) pits high school auto shops against each other disassembling and reassembling a Chevy V8 motor for the best time, to win trophies and scholarships.  Each team had five students who practice for the competition as hard as any normal High School sport.
This year’s HROT season starter was held at the Feb 23-24 at the 6th Annual Race and Performance Expo in St. Charles, Illinois. RP Expo has hosted HROT for six years and keeps expanding the amount of teams each year. This year, there were 24 Teams attempting to qualify with a time of 35 minutes or faster to earn a spot at the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow National Championship at the 26th Annual PRI Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. Eight of 24 Schools qualified for the Championship which will be this December 12 – 14. Tim Odom, President of Parts Pro, was in attendance.
Joliet Central High School Team #1 (Team Motive Gear) claimed second at 26:42. Other qualifiers included Belvidere North High School Team #2 (Team PRW) at 27:13, Fremd High School Team #2 (Team Energy Suspension) at 30:08, Rolling Meadows High School Team #1 (Team Proform) at 31:33, Lyons Township High School Team #1 (Team Magnaflow) at 31:50, Lockport High School Team #2 (Team DART) at 32:55 and Fremd High School Team #4 (Team Holley) at 33:14.
The next HROT event is at the Skills USA Georgia demonstrations March 21-22 at the International Convention Center on Atlanta. 

Watch a video sample of the action here