No more back seat

A slick way to spiff up the interior of your Mustang and shed a few pounds.

Ricardo Topete - January 26, 2012 10:00 AM


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1 K-Dezines does a masterful job of crafting a rear seat delete kit that fits beautifully. Everything is upholstered, measured, cut and clearly labeled, which simplifies the installation process.


2 Phil Dore’s 2003 Cobra had the factory two-tone rear seats with suede inserts that were in flawless condition due to a lack of use, which is precisely why he opted to ditch the rear seats.


3 Phil begins by removing the rear seat lower cushion. A flathead screwdriver is used to release a locking tab that secures it to the floor.


4 Since the rear seat belts will no longer be functional, they can be removed. Phil’s Cobra already had additional sound insulation, but this would be the perfect time to add some if you want to keep exterior noise to a minimum.


5 The rear seat upper cushion is anchored down by a couple of bolts at the lower corners and it latches on from the backside. From there, the rear seat can be lifted off.


6 Phil positions the pre-labeled MDF boards into place and secures them with the provided screws. From there, the lower panel is secured onto the previously installed board. Some minor assembly of mounting brackets is required, but even the most novice do-it-yourselfer will appreciate the fine job that K-Dezines does by labeling all the boards, which makes this almost fool-proof.


7 Back inside the car, Phil mounts the upper panel with the supplied hardware. Note the generously sized opening that allows access to the trunk from inside the car. This $30 option is priced right, as it will prove useful for carrying bulky items.


8 Lastly, both access doors are installed and provide the finishing touch. Notice the pull handles on the doors, which facilitate removal of the access doors to get to your cargo. The end result yields a clean and professional look that is equally at home at the race track or the show field.

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Mustangs, like many other sports cars, have rear seats that are mainly there for moral support. It’s cramped enough to give anybody a case of claustrophobia.

Kids can fare well back there, but in a few short years, they’ll rather ride in mom’s minivan where they can stretch their legs a bit.

So what to do with a futile rear seat? Simply omitting it isn’t a good option as it will leave a gaping hole that will make your ’Stang look like it’s undergoing an interior renovation. K-Dezines, out of Arizona, offers a creative solution that deletes the rear seat and is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

K-Dezines has gone the extra mile to ensure that their rear seat delete kit is superior to others on the market. Most rear seat delete kits available are made from very thin fiberboard that will buckle under their own weight and don’t fit well, yielding a final product that looks like an afterthought. Constructed from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), the K-Dezines kit is sturdy enough to carry a fair amount of weight. Going to the track? No problem; just load up your race wheels and toolbox on top of the rear seat delete.

Fit and finish is factory quality thanks to carefully contoured panels that are nicely upholstered in a variety of factory interior colors. As a pleasant bonus, all of K-Dezines’ kits feature a storage compartment in the area vacated by the rear seat cushions. This makes for a clever mounting spot for those cars with a battery relocation, nitrous bottles, stereo equipment, or simply storing your stuff within reach of the driver’s seat. Available for various Mustang platforms, from ’79 to the present day, K-Dezines has one for your pony.

We headed to GTR High Performance, in Southern California, and followed along as they made quick work of the rear seat delete on Phil Dore’s 2003 Cobra Mustang. In just a couple of hours with basic tools and an electric drill/driver, Phil’s Cobra was rear seat-less. Starting at a reasonable $325 for the ’94-’04 Mustangs, K-Dezines also offers more affordable “race version” rear seat delete kits that are constructed from 6mm thick plastic for maximum weight savings. The race version delete kits are a featherweight 15 pounds and consequently, sacrifice some strength in favor of weight.

Since Phil’s car is a 600-plus rwhp street-bruiser Cobra, he opted for the sturdier unit with the optional, removal pass-through door that allows access to the trunk from the rear seat area. At a bargain price of $30, the removable door allows larger items to be stored. For those Mustang enthusiasts that want to add a custom touch to their interior and simultaneously add something that proves very useful, K-Dezines has the solution.