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Learn Braking Systems at Funfest

Larry Jewett - May 01, 2013 09:58 AM

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Mid America Motorworks is excited to announce the addition of an in-depth “Braking System Workshop” with Paul Koerner as a part of Corvette Funfest 2013. The GM World Class Certified Technician will take seminars to the next level with a hands-on class Thursday, Sept. 19 as part of Corvette Funfest Sept. 19-22 in Effingham, Illinois.
The exclusive workshop, which is limited to the first 30 registrants, will give guests an opportunity for an up-close and personal learning experience. Paul, assisted by Corvette Technician Brittany George, will use a lifted Corvette with wheels off as a training tool to discuss and dissect every aspect of the Corvette braking system. Paul and Brittany will use their combined 17 years General Motors training and experience to cover information on Corvette braking systems from 1984 to present. The instructional classroom environment will give all attendees a front row seat to observe the work being performed and allow them to easily ask the experts any questions they may have.
“Whether you are a beginner or have experience under your belt, this in-depth comprehensive Braking System Workshop is the one for you,” says Koerner. “Incorporating an instructional classroom format will allow you to broaden your knowledge, ask questions and have the added value of hands-on learning about Corvette braking systems!”
Topics that will be covered include what the Corvette braking system consists of, how you can tell if your Corvette needs brake system work, and tips on how to do the work yourself. Paul will also go into how professional service technicians evaluate your brake system to determine if new ones are needed, what options for parts are out there if new brakes are necessary, and will also walk through the basics of parts installation, brake system bleeding and other aspects of the braking system repair and maintenance.
The workshop will go from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and includes a continental breakfast. For more information on the workshop and to register, visit Koerner will also be doing diagnostic reviews for Corvettes over the four-day weekend. Attendees can stop by seminar village to schedule an appointment.
Mid America Motorworks is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Corvette Funfest Sept. 19-22. It’s a Milestone Celebration including Corvettes, on-site installs, fun judging, a Corvette expert panel, factory Corvette engineers, headlining Saturday night entertainment and more! For up to date information, check out