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Sneak Peek at What's Ahead

Larry Jewett - November 04, 2011 01:22 AM


Nice car, huh? An awards panel thought so


Hot Rodders of Tomorrow earning that scholarship money


A good cleaning to get things started at the Las Vegas Convention Center

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The SEMA Show closes on Friday, but it will be the topic of many conversation for weeks and months to come. The show is so big and so important that many will go all out to get the best of the experience.

If you are a subscriber to our Auto Enthusiast Weekly, we have a treat for you. In an unprecedented move, our staff has spent their SEMA time gathering the pictures and stories that connect you with the event. Best of all, you don't have to wait for it. You will have it in your hands before the doors close on the 2011 Show.

Auto Enthusiast Weekly has been available for the iPad and iPhone, but just this week, we have made it available for Droid users. Tomorrow's edition is nearly 60 pages (iPad) of information strictly on the 2011 SEMA Show. If you haven't subscribed, put away the credit card because it is free. Think about is fast and it is free. There's no reason not to have it so that you can shwo your enthusiasm with each edition that is delivered on Fridays.

Now about tat sneak peek. Here are just a few of the pictures you will see in tomorrow's edition, which will give you the story behind the image. Download the app or click the digital edition on this site so you can see what SEMA 2011 was/is all about.