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New Parts In Time for the Holidays

Larry Jewett - December 19, 2013 10:00 AM


3M Clean Sand


Car Capsule


GearWrench Compound Action Pliers


Race Ramps Flatstoppers


Corsa Performance Exhaust for 2013 Viper SRT/GTS


Flex-a-lite fan for 1997-2004 Mustang


Livernois Motorsports MyCal for 2011-newer Mustang


Coker Tire American Classic bias-look whitewall radial


Lingenfelter Performance Engineering crate engine


XPEL Technologies Corp. headlight protection film

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There’s a certain rationale in play with the timing of the annual SEMA trade show. It’s usually the first week of November, though it can cross into October from time to time.

It’s no surprise that the idea is to get the newest products onto the minds of enthusiasts right about the end of the year.

You think any auto enthusiast is going to turn down a holiday gift of the newest part for his or her car? I didn’t think so.

Once again, the 2013 SEMA Show offered hundreds of new parts that have run the gamut for every possible need. The market continues to challenge itself to be better and there’s an obvious commitment to get the highest quality products right into the shops and garages of enthusiasts.

We’re offering a small sampling of some of the top items we spotted in our high-speed cruise through the miles of aisles that is the SEMA show. You’ll see more as time goes along.


Clean Sand

Spreading dust can damage repairs, is a hassle to clean up, and can cause a lot of rework when trapped in paint. The 3M™ Clean Sand System’s unique sanding block has an air control collar coupled with the abrasive’s unique vented design that filters particle dust and debris. The system conveniently attaches to most shop, household, and dust vacuum hoses, allowing for anyone from the seasoned expert to the most novice renovators to complete auto, marine, and home projects with confidence and ease.

The complete 3M™ Clean Sand System includes a Clean Sand Block with air control collar, eight-foot flexible hose and vacuum adaptor. Six types of abrasive packs are sold separately.

Car owners will appreciate less mess in the garage – whether stripping painted car panels or sanding body filler or primer, the 3M™ Clean Sand System can increase efficiency and save time during the body repair process.

3M Auto,


Car Capsule

CarCapsule is an inflatable bubble that completely seals and protects a vehicle from dings, dust, dirt, corrosion, mildew, musty odors, and pests. It is available in indoor and outdoor versions. Inflation of the CarCapsule is maintained by a high-pressure fan that provides continuous airflow to keep the vehicle dry and prevent condensation. Air inside the bubble is completely exchanged with filtered outside air up to eight times every hour – keeping the temperature inside consistent with the temperature outside and eliminating moisture that could condense on the vehicle. The bubble creates a cushion that protects the vehicle from door dings, dents and scratches, and falling objects. Easy to use and set up in about 10 minutes. Indoor versions are made with durable 10-mil clear PVC. Outdoor versions use 16-mil tarp material for weatherability and blockage of vehicle damaging UV rays. Both versions feature a floor made from 18-mil material that is mildew, abrasion and flame resistant, as well as impervious to oil, gas and antifreeze.

CarCapsule, (219) 945-9493,



GearWrench® has announced the launch of its PivotForce™ Compound Action Pliers. The new pliers require 40 percent less force to cut than regular pliers. The unique design delivers a more efficient transition of power from the handle to the jaws, enabling end users to make the same cuts with less effort than with regular pliers.

PivotForce Compound Action Pliers make various cutting tasks easier to complete. The dipped handles provide added comfort and have an easy-to-clean gloss finish preferred by professional users. The pliers also meet or exceed all applicable ASME specifications and are available in long nose and diagonal variations. They feature induction-hardened cutting edges for enhanced product life. The PivotForce Compound Action Long Nose Cutting Pliers have a machined, crosschecked jaw pattern, which is great for gripping and twisting in any direction.




Brute Industries, Inc., manufacturers of Race Ramps, offers a narrower version of FlatStoppers to keep tires from flat spotting during long periods of storage. FlatStoppers were developed as a solution for people having problems with tires developing flat spots when a vehicle is parked for 30 days or longer. Once tires are set on FlatStoppers (on a level surface), they settle into the pad’s concave depression, which helps support more of the tire. This disperses the weight of the car more evenly onto the tire – helping to prevent any flat spotting. The pads measure 22.3 inches long x 3.25 inches high x 10 inches wide, and will accommodate tires up to eight inches wide.

FlatStoppers will not conduct heat or cold into your tires despite changing floor temperatures. As with all Brute Industries products, Flatstoppers are made with the company’s patented super-lightweight 100 percent solid construction technique – making them highly durable, virtually indestructible, and providing a 6,000-pound vehicle weight capacity. FlatStoppers’ textured coating prevents sliding across floors – including epoxy-coated floors and Swisstrax. FlatStoppers won’t scratch or otherwise damage floors, and won’t rust.

Race Ramps,


Viper Exhaust

CORSA® Performance Exhausts has released a new exhaust system for the iconic 2013 Viper SRT/GTS. Engineered specifically for the 8.3L V-10 Viper, CORSA’s cat-back Xtreme-sound exhaust system is designed to deepen the tonality of the Viper’s growl, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the driving experience for Viper aficionados.

Using patented Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) technology, CORSA’s Viper exhaust system delivers a deeper, throatier growl during hard acceleration followed by reduced pitch, resonance-free tones during cruising. It’s the perfect succession of sound, enabling occupants to appreciate relaxed conversation or music while enjoying the elegance and athleticism of the 40 percent improved power-to- weight ratio of the 2013 Viper’s 640 horsepower with 600 lbs-ft of torque.

CORSA Performance Exhausts, (800) 486-0999,


Mustang Fan

Flex-a-lite® offers a new radiator and fan combination for the ’97-’04 Mustang, completing over 26 years of application-specific Mustang systems. The all-aluminum two-row radiator has greater cooling capacity than the stock system and is manufactured in the U.S.

Radiator mounting brackets provide easy bolt-in installation with no drilling or modifications required to the car. The aluminum radiator is available both with and without a Flex-a-lite Black Magic Xtreme S-Blade electric fan. The 15-inch electric fan moves 3,300 cfm of airflow and is pre-mounted to the radiator T-channels. Combinations also include an adjustable thermostat controller that adjusts the temperature at which the fan turns on between approximately 180 and 240 degrees Fahrenheit. The fan controller will activate the electric fan when the air conditioning is turned on and includes a terminal for a manual override switch. An optional transmission cooler kit comes with a Flex-a-lite Translife® cooler and the brackets required to mount the cooler to the vehicle without going through the radiator core. This transmission cooler kit will fit ’97-’04 Mustangs with the Flex-a-lite radiator and fan or with a factory radiator.



Split Personality

Livernois Motorsports & Engineering, in conjunction with AIW, has come together for a performance benefit. The newest product release allows for on-the-fly switching for race gas, or a nitrous specific tune (no programming is needed to switch between the tunes). When the secondary tune is armed, the race gas, or nitrous specific tune is activated, simply flip the switch again to revert to the performance tune. No more confusion trying to remember what tune you last uploaded into your vehicle. This gives you the peace of mind to drive anywhere, at any time, while still being ready to race! The secondary tune features a higher idle rpm to provide you with an easy way to know the secondary tune is installed. The secondary tune can be configured to automatically compensate for either a nitrous specific, or race gas specific tune. This product has zero downtime during tune switch.

This MyCal device is currently available to purchase for any 2011-newer Mustang.

Livernois Motorsports, (313) 561-5500,


Bias Look Tires

One of the biggest decisions a collector car enthusiast or hot rodder faces is the choice between the period-correct appearance of a bias ply tire or the comfort, handling characteristics and safety of a modern radial tire. Coker Tire has a solution for this age-old problem. It’s a brand new American Classic bias-look whitewall radial.

The new American Classic bias-look radial tire offers the tall and narrow profile of a bias ply tire, combined with the modern qualities of a radial tire. Available in nine sizes, the new line of American Classic radials offer fitment on a number of popular applications, such as the Ford Thunderbird, Chevrolet Corvette, Cadillac and many others. The range of sizes provides options for enthusiasts using 13-, 14- and 15-inch wheels.

American Classic radials are made in the U.S.A. and thoroughly tested to ensure superb quality for your collector vehicle. You can trust that American Classic radials are ready for the road, but they’re also ready for the show field with beautiful styling and a whitewall that is built into the tire from day one. The true whitewall construction, along with the “pie crust” shoulder and vintage-style tread pattern give this tire the original look, while the radial internals make it the perfect choice for a car that will see plenty of miles. This is a tubeless tire, but keep in mind that tubes are required on some OEM and reproduction wire wheels.

Coker Tire, (800) 251-6336,


Crate Power

For nearly 40 years, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has delivered industry-leading horsepower for high-end, street-driven cars, customizing 1,000-, 1,200- and 1,500-horsepower engines to customers’ exact specifications. Now, Lingenfelter is expanding its standard crate engine line with a powerful 900 horsepower engine that will be an off-the-shelf, stocked product.

Prior to the release of the new engine, Lingenfelter’s supercharged crate engine line topped out at 750 horsepower. The new 900 horsepower Lingenfelter Performance Engineering crate engine is fitted with a forged crankshaft, pistons and rods for maximum performance and durability. It also features GM LS9 heads with Lingenfelter’s proprietary CNC porting program for improved airflow, resulting in more torque and horsepower.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering’s new 900 horsepower crate engine comes with its own engine dyno documentation and an LPE brand certificate of authenticity.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering,


Headlight Protection

XPEL™ Headlamp Protection Film is an optically clear, press-polished 30-mil material that features a patented, scratch-resistant coating nearly impossible to scuff. Headlamps must stand up to years of pitting and sandblasting caused by rocks, debris and road salt, which causes unsightly discoloration and reduced light output.

XPEL Headlamp Protection Film prevents shattered lenses, and has been proven to withstand damage from the impact of one-inch diameter stones hurtling at 120 mph into the lamp. The film is manufactured with the strongest, optically clear, non-yellowing adhesive available, enhancing the lifespan of the product and allowing for an unprecedented seven-year warranty.

Available for a broad range of vehicle makes and models, including universal headlight kits for older vehicles, XPEL’s Headlamp Protection Film is available in sheets or in precision precut kits, and in clear or dark smoke (for show-car and off-road use only).

XPEL Technologies Corp.,