Getting It Gone

Colorado yard cleared after owner's death

By Larry Jewett - August 17, 2011 05:58 PM


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By mid-September, an area in Colorado that once housed over a thousand cars won't have a single piece of metal sitting there. Collector James Gardner passed away and his wife, Amanda Woodbury, has been trying to sell off the cars. She hasn't been having the success she desired, so she's stepping it up a notch. She's having what is called the Phooey Special sale. All vehicles, trucks, tractors and anything under five tons(that is not needed for ranch operations) can be purchased for $1,200. It has to be cash and you have to take it away. She wants it gone. She said, "Winter is coming soon to the high country. The cows want to eat grass, not iron," adding "I'm a cowgirl, not a cargirl."
It's all first come, first served and reports have indicated that the scrapper will be called after September 8. Pictures are at