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Offered in Manageable Sizes

John Gunnell - March 27, 2014 01:18 PM


Full size signs are costly and can be take much space. There is an alternative

John Gunnell

Perfect for the Pontiac lover

John Gunnell

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Jim Struck has found that many car collectors don’t need a $16,000 authentic old car dealership sign that’s too big to hang in their garage. He makes reproductions that look old-fashioned, but carry reasonable prices and come in manageable sizes that fit in a den or office or home garage.

Struck’s signs are three or four feet long. They bring back memories of Chevrolet OK Used Cars and the good old days. “My designs are inspired by products and cars that were in vogue between 1930 and 1970,” he says.

Basically, Struck dresses up licensed porcelainalized metal reproduction signs that he buys from other sources, making them look like genuine dealership neons. He makes the cases for the signs like furniture. It takes him a year to do the first of any style. “I have to lay it all out and figure what works,” he explained.

Struck estimates that he has made “just under 100 signs.”  He doesn’t advertise them and he doesn’t ship them. He sells them cash and carry at shows or customers come to his home in Brookfield, Ill., to pick them up. “I can’t ship them safely at anywhere near a manageable cost,” he feels. “And I prefer that people see them in person before paying me a couple of hundred bucks for one.”

The Chevy sign and Pontiac sign in the accompanying photos sell for $425. Struck has some designs for less and others for more. For information contact: James Struck, GM Parts & Accessories, 4331 Prairie Ave., Brookfield, IL 60513 or call (708) 485-0562. Struck is a GM guy, but has done Chrysler signs.