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Sears Brings Back RoadHandler

Larry Jewett - February 25, 2013 04:51 PM


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There has been a resurrection of a memorable brand that will bring back some fond memories for long-time auto enthusiasts. Sears is bringing back the RoadHandler tire and, for many, it needs no introduction.
 Joe Finney, Sears senior vice president and president of the Sears Automotive Group, explained the move. “RoadHandler is a classic brand, exclusive to Sears. Based on customer and employee demand, we made the strategic decision to bring it back.”
 The timing will allow Sears to capitalize on previous customers while establishing a base among younger enthusiasts with a quality product. “The new RoadHandler has many improvements. For instance, we designed the tires with durability in mind and implemented square belt edge tape technology that reinforces the upper sidewall area, providing casing integrity and protection against tread separation. With a high abrasion-resistant tread compound, RoadHandler tires come with a 100,000-mile warranty. RoadHandler tires are designed to have superb traction in rain and snow with full-depth treads and wide circumferential grooves.
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