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Royal Purple's New Bottle

Larry Jewett - August 26, 2011 01:54 PM


Royal Purple will have a new bottle with a familiar look

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One company takes a pro-active stance to prevent future problems.

High performance lubricant manufacturer Royal Purple has introduced a new proprietary quart bottle to the consumer market. While maintaining the trademark purple bottle and yellow cap, the new bottle features an embossed logo that serves as an anti-counterfeiting measure.

“There have not been any incidents to date, but we know our rapid growth and expansion into additional international markets makes RP (Royal Purple) more tempting to counterfeiters. We also thought it was important to upgrade the look of the bottle to convey the quality of the product it contains,” said Director of Consumer Marketing Randy Fisher. “We’re simply trying to be proactive,” he added.

Although the bottles underwent a structural and esthetic upgrade, Royal Purple was diligent in keeping the “shelf footprint” of the bottle the same so that distributors and retailers would not be impacted.