Bringing Back The Bug Catcher

8-71 blower kit

By Andy Bolig - August 16, 2011 06:36 PM


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The experts at Modern Muscle have just what you need with their 8-71 blower kit for late model Mopars. If you're looking at putting some SERIOUS street cred into your late-model mopar, nothing does it quite like a supercharger that just won't be contained under ANY hood!

“Few things can top the attention getting sound of the whine of a blower, but a big bug catcher sticking up out of the hood of a late model Hemi will not only capture their attention but catch their eye as well,” says Justin Meyers, Vice President of Modern Muscle.

Modern Muscle’s 8-71 blower kit features a Dyers blower, 2-inch proprietary belt driven system, FAST electronics, upgraded fuel and ignition system and everything needed for installation.  Some modifications required (like making room in the hood for the blower). Units are available in black or polished finishes and are designed to run up to 20 lbs of boost. To prove that these are not just a really nasty looking face, 1000 flywheel horsepower has been obtained with a 426 running 20 lbs of boost. Of course, a fully built motor is required. The 8-71 fits all late model Dodge Magnum, Charger, Challenger and Chrysler 300’s equipped with a HEMI, and for those more timid Mopar monsters, 6-71 kits also available.  If you're tired of looking like all the other sheeple in the cruise in, call 630-898-5922 or visit for pricing and additional information.