New Show Debuts on Velocity

Larry Jewett - January 27, 2014 02:05 PM


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 The American automobile has had a profound impact on culture and society. The very first car changed the way of life and the change has been ongoing ever since. The automobile is recognized as the moving force of progress and continues to be as impactful today as it was at its invention.
 A new show on Velocity will provide stories that serves as road trip through American history. Racing icon Ray Evernham, a lifelong committed car guy, leads the way on the journey called Americarna.
The show runs on Tuesdays. Check listings for time in your area.
 For Evernham, the car’s influence is the complete package, whether it be style or performance. “There’s something neat about every car,” he said. “Everyone likes something about a car. There’s a thrill for me on all sides. The performance side likes the horsepower, but the car doesn’t have to be a high speed car. The looks of a car and its style is important. I can look at a car from the art side of it and I can see it from the engineering side. If you would go a show with 10,000 cars, there would be as many reasons to like the cars.”
 Along the journey through Americarna, viewers will get a great immediate understanding and appreciation of the passion. “We have travelled and seen some incredible cars and some great stories,” he added. “There are different cultures, but they all appreciate it. We dragged an old Marty Robbins race car from a farm in Franklin, Tennessee, we’ve talked to junior Johnson about moonshiners, we met surfing legend Laird Hamilton and talked about woody wagons. We’ve learned about how roads came to be. There is a lot of interesting information out there that we can share.
 Many will admit that their automotive memories started at a young age. “If you take a look at the family photo album, a lot of the pictures from special occasions were taken with the car. People posed by the cars. We talked to Ron Howard about the impact that movies like American Graffiti had on culture and how that entered into his thinking on Rush.”
 The culture is so diverse and unpredictable. “You never know what you’ll find,” said Evernham. “As we were doing the show, people were always tell us something about their experience. Relationships are developed, no matter where you are. The car is a life changing means. I’m proud to be a part of the car culture.”
 No matter what type of car holds your passion, Americarna will provided education, enlightment and entertainment with each episode. More details can be found at