Sell or It's Free

New Policy at Zephyrhills

Larry Jewett - May 23, 2013 09:08 AM


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Beginning with Zephyrhills Fall AutoFest 2013, Carlisle Events and Zephyrhills AutoFest Auctions are implementing a "Sell or It's Free" policy.
Any consigned collector car that does not sell as part of the auction will have all aspects of the registration fees refunded to the consigner. Fees must be paid at the time of registration, either onsite or in advance, but no matter the time slot the vehicle runs, if it doesn't sell, it's free!
In addition to offering the "Sell or It's Free" beginning in 2013, Carlisle Events and Zephyrhills AutoFest Auctions will also make available special "spotlight" slots. These slots are limited to nine consigned cars throughout the weekend and will have a premium value attached to them in addition to the standard consignment fees.  The "spotlight" special guarantees a car to run during a certain time slot.
The "Sell or It's Free" policy could be implemented as part of any future auctions that are operated strictly by Carlisle Events.  At this time, however, the new policy is only applicable for the two Zephyrhills events.
"Carlisle Events loves to be one step ahead of the game and this time it is a big one step.  We are so confident that everyone who attends will have the best auction experience they could ever hope for, that we are willing to let you have that experience for free," said co-owner and co-founder Bill Miller, Jr.  "If we don’t sell your car at our auction, it won’t cost you a penny. Registration will be free unless sold.  If we don’t get the job done, you have nothing to lose.  In addition, we are also offering spotlight numbers that are issued on a limited basis.  I implore anyone looking to consign for Fall AutoFest to do so today to assure the best possible space or to secure one of nine very special spotlight numbers."
Zephyrhills Fall AutoFest will run November 14-17, 2013.