Out to Lunch

Coming back to reality where the rubber meets the garage floor.

Andy Bolig - March 29, 2012 10:00 AM


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I decided to go out for lunch today. Not that I went very far, and to be honest, the food wasn’t very good.

I mean, how much expectation could you put on a bag full of Ramen Noodles?

You see, when I said I went “out”, I meant more in a “go outside” kind of term, not necessarily out in public. And since I was only headed out into the garage and foraging for food took secondary precedence over actually doing something productive, something quick and easy was on the menu. So far as food is concerned, most of the work was done by the microwave.

I’d been burning up the hours doing various Facebook posts, website updates and yes, even working on the monthly magazine and decided that a little vitamin D might do me some good. So, during my one hour of non-work, I decided to get some work done on my cars. Not that I could get a LOT of work done and there wasn’t any aspirations of getting something running that hadn’t already. But, I thought it might do some good to get a fresh coat of grease under those fingernails and in the end, I’ll have something productive to show for it.

Before the four-minute buzzer went off on the microwave, I had already sorted through some of the tools that were left in disarray and committed myself to either repairing, replacing or simply destroying beyond repair that pesky low-beam headlamp that would intermittently leave me in the dark on the right side of the road. Since elements inside bulbs don’t typically re-attach themselves, I was pretty sure that I had a wiring issue somewhere.

Since I did most of the wiring on this section of the car, I had a good idea how they were run and a real good idea on who to blame. But, since I’m on good speaking terms with our local car parts guys and I didn’t want to put something back together to go to the parts store, I decided to buzz down and get a bulb, just in case those ions WERE doing a little welding inside that glass case.

After tearing everything apart, I found the issue. Blame could be shared equally between my abilities and a poorly-crimped connection. Thankfully, I hadn’t pulled the new bulb from its bubble-wrapper so, receipt in hand, I’ll be headed back to the store with a refund in mind. We’ll handle that when I pick up the radiator hose I need to replace.

Not all the “work” done during my “working lunch” was as obvious. Besides doubling the lighting in the front of the Corvette, I also did some forward planning. Everything from engine and body placement on my ’27 Model T to simply daydreaming about driving my 1932 Chevy happened in those few minutes before the second dinner bell rang me back to the office.

Working from a home office has many advantages. Beyond the benefits of lower fuel bills, eliminating traffic jams and being the ultimate authority on thermostat control, I also get those rare opportunities where when I’m not reading, writing or researching about cars, I actually get a chance to do some wrenching.