More sinkhole Corvettes retrieved

1,000,000th and PPG Pace Car latest finds

Eric Kaminsky - March 06, 2014 10:30 AM


The one-millionth Corvette after its recovery from the sinkhole.

Photo courtesy of the National Corvette Museum

The PPG Indy Pace Car shows significant front end damage.

Photo courtesy of the National Corvette Musum

The rear of the PPG Pace Car was crushed by a falling piece of concrete.

Photo courtesy of the National Corvette Museum

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Construction workers at the National Corvette Museum were able to pull up two more Corvettes from the sinkhole in the Skydome, bringing to five the number recovered thus far.

The 1,000,000th, a white convertible, and the PPG Indy Pace Car were salvaged on Wednesday, March 5. The 1,000,000th sustained front end damage, but was later able to be pushed into the main part of the Museum, where all the recovered cars will be on display until August, when they will be sent to Chevrolet for restoration.

The PPG Pace Car was not so fortunate. It sustained heavy damage as the result of being “karate chopped” by a piece of concrete, according to Museum officials. Both the front and rear were crushed, and the car was flattened.

"Initially there was no intention to bring the Millionth out, but as we got in there and saw more this morning we did feel like this might be our best chance," said Danny Daniel, president of Scott, Murphy and Daniel Construction.

Daniel indicated that they pulled the car by one wheel from where it was lodged and it swung free into the cavern. They were then able to lift the car and place it to rest, upside down on the bottom of the sinkhole. Finally, the Corvette was hooked up by its two tires for final lifting out of the sinkhole, much like the process to retrieve the 1993 40th Anniversary coupe.

The Millionth Corvette was built at 2:00pm on July 2, 1992 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Just like the first 1953 Corvettes, it bears a white exterior, red interior and is a convertible. The car was donated to the Corvette Museum by General Motors.

Mike Murphy, CEO of Murphy Scott and Daniel Construction, said that workers can barely see the back fender and one wheel of the sixth car. On Thursday, March 6, workers will begin to drill micropiling around the red spire for support, and will stabilize the area around the pit before they begin to vacuum around the other cars.


Videos courtesy of the National Corvette Museum


1,000,000th recovery 


1,000,000th getting pushed into Museum


PPG pace car recovery