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John Gunnell - April 29, 2014 04:45 PM


This ’69 Super Bee 440 six-pack was in the private collection

John Gunnell

This 440-Six-Pack ’69 Plymouth Road Runner had 11,000 original miles.

John Gunnell

Colin sold this AAR ‘Cuda, which had 38,000 original miles.

John Gunnell

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      Colin Comer of Milwaukee is known as a Ford fan, who has written several books about Carroll Shelby and just released a new Mustang book. Comer’s deep dark secret is a love of Mopars.
      Comer got started in the collector car business when he was only 13. Since he loved cars and knew how to fix them, Colin got his first job in a Chrysler dealership. He worked as a detailer, body man, mechanic and service advisor.
      “I was working out of a garage, buying and selling cars,” he said. By 1996, Colin bought a 4,000-sq.-ft. building to house his growing business. In June of 2005, he added a 17,000-sq.-ft. industrial building that holds the majority of his “collection”, which includes dozens of Mopars.
      Comer goes for rarities. He had a Plymouth GTX with factory paint and 16,000 original miles that was one of 68 built in ’69. He also sold a 440-Six-Pack-powered ’69 Road Runner with 11,000 original miles. The documented, numbers-matching muscle monster had the rare 4-speed gearbox. If you wanted Colin’s ’70 AAR ‘Cuda with 38K original miles, you missed the boat—it sold.
       While it’s true that he advertises many of the cars for sale in national magazines and on the Internet, some of the vehicles are considered part of his “Private Collection.”
      Comer insists on doing careful research on the history of each Mopar he sells. He personally conducts a complete, meticulous inspection of the vehicle. This includes sliding behind the wheel for a drive to test performance. “I simply will not sell a car that I would not own myself. An educated buyer is my best buyer and I will share everything I know about the car with him – good points, flaws, the works,” he said.
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Colin sold this AAR ‘Cuda which had 38,000 original miles.