Millions for A Miller

Sales Record Achieved

John Gunnell - August 23, 2011 03:43 PM


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It is believed that Dana Mecum set a record for vintage race car prices when he recently sold the Miller racing car that won the 1931 Indy 500 for $2 million.

The Miller that sold at Mecum’s Monterey, California, auction belonged to brewery heir David V. Uihlein, who founded the Harry A. Miller Club. Uihlein passed away in January 2010, leaving a classic and racing car collection.

Louis Schneider drove the car to the win with Jigger Johnson as riding mechanic. It is a so-called “junk formula” car with a Stevens chassis and special 151-cid Miller in-line eight. Most Miller engines were 91 or 183 cubic inches. The car was in very good and authentic-looking race car condition.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame director Ellen Bireley said only 75 of the 90 cars that have won the Indy 500 are known to exist. An Indy winner is much more valuable than other racing cars.