Hot Rods Honored

New Postage Stamp Unveiled

Larry Jewett - June 09, 2014 12:50 PM


The new Hot Rods Forever stamps were unveiled June 6 at the NSRA Nationals East in York, Pennsylvania.

Courtesy of U.S. Postal Service

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      The United States Postal Service has continued its tribute to cars with the unveiling of new stamps that honor Hot Rods Forever. Last year, a series of muscle car stamps were made available to the public.
      The Postal Service chose the National Street Rod Association Nationals East event at York, Pennsylvania, as the fitting venue for the news. U.S. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe was on hand to present the likeness, assisted by Car Crazy TV host Barry Meguiar.
      Each stamp features an iconic 1932 Ford® “Deuce” roadster. One showcases a black ’32 Ford roadster with orange flames running down the car’s body; the other showcases a red ’32 Ford roadster. Both illustrations were created digitally, but visitors at the show could see plenty of examples.
      As a lifelong car guy, Barry Meguiar was the perfect person for the situation. “I grew up in Pasadena , so I had no choice,” said Meguiar about becoming a car guy. “It was getting stronger as I was growing up and it was all around. I fell in love with the coupes and everyone had their favorite cars. Today, we make the wax that car guys use. WE go to 9,000 car shows, every major car show and we see how strong the car guys are.”
 While the hot rod is considered an American innovation, car guys exist around the world “There are 30 million car guys,” said Meguiar. “I love their stories. I get to live my life surrounded by car guys. I really feel I am a better because I am a car guy.”
      Hot Rodding went through the “outlaw” phase to a place where today’s acceptance was hard to fathom from a vantage point some decades ago. “We didn’t think we could get here from there,” said Meguiar. “There were so many forces against us. Now, take a look at the cars, they’re clean, they’re fuel efficient. This is the golden age for hot rods. It’s phenomenal. The car hobby is exploding everywhere. We couldn’t imagine it would be like this.”
      A consistent theme for Meguiar and his Car Crazy TV show and attending events is keeping the flame burning. Overcoming the perception of Hot Rodders as a “bunch of old guys” can be a challenge. “It is our responsibility to pass on the passion,” said Meguiar. “While we were here, I met Mike and his son Mikey, who’s 13. Mike said he has been bringing him here since he was two. If a kid comes to a show, let them sit in the car. You asked a person what turned you on to the hobby and you’ll find the thrill of being around the car was born with an experience like that.”

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