Hit and Run

Action Movie debuts August 24

Larry Jewett - July 19, 2012 12:41 PM


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Hit and Run is an homage to Steve McQueen, mixing retro car chases, eclectic dialogue and complex relationships, at the heart of which is a love story between Charlie (Dax Shepard) and Annie (Kristin Bell). Shepard directed the movie and wrote the script, whose pithy dialogue fuses action and suspense with humor and romance, defying both genre and audience expectations. The all-star supporting cast includes Bradley Cooper, Kristin Chenoweth, Tom Arnold, David Koechner, Beau Bridges, Michael Rosenbaum. Joy Bryant and Ryan Hansen.
 At its core, Hit and Run is an action-packed thriller punctuated with romance, menacing plot twists and high octane car chases. Living peacefully together in the country, Charlie and Annie are, in most ways, a typical young couple. There’s one exception – Charlie is hiding out in the Witness Protection Program. When Annie lands an interview for her dream job in Los Angeles (ground zero for Charlie’s hazy past), Charlie makes the decision to not lose his girlfriend and packs up his ’67 Lincoln Continental and risks his life to accompany her. Annie begins to find out Charlie’s background is far more complicated than she could have imagined. The couple soon become the target of a number of interests as they continue their journey, sometimes at high speeds.
 Shepard, who used two of his own race cars in the film, also does his own stunt driving, putting the viewers in the front seat during some of the harrowing moments. Shepard said, “The movie is like a giant cake made with my three favorite ingredients – my fiancé, my best friends and all my favorite cars. It was like a six-week-long birthday party.”
 Hit and Run will be in theaters on August 24. A promotional trailer can be viewed at