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Larry Jewett - May 14, 2014 05:07 PM


This 1971 Challenger is Galen Govier-documented

Courtesy of Dream GIveaway

The Plum Crazier 2013 Challenger is a great example of modern muscle

Courtesy of Dream Giveaway

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      The deadline is approaching for the 2014 Challenger Dream Giveaway that features a pair of high quality Mopar products. One lucky winner will parlay a charitable donation into two cars to add to their collection.
      A Plum Crazy 1971 Hemi Challenger is #24 of the 58 original pistol-grip four-speed Hemi Challengers built in 1971, making this Galen Govier-documented car extremely rare. It sports the original legendary 426ci/425hp dual-quad powerplant and is one of only eight radio-delete units produced.
      Showing only around 22,000 believed-to-be original miles on the odometer, this museum-quality Challenger resided in the Randy Lerner collection for many years. This Challenger is one of the most highly coveted cars in the world!
      The 2013 Hemi Challenger was named the fastest growing car in its class. This one-of-a-kind Plum Crazier R/T Edition Challenger received numerous performance and design upgrades, courtesy of Mopar Performance Parts. Some of those upgrades include an Arrington Performance-built 426 supercharged Hemi producing over 700hp, coilover suspension, pistol grip shifter, one-off wheels, high-flow exhaust and upgraded axles.
      In the spring of 2013, both 426 Hemi Challengers were unveiled at Chrysler World Headquarters design center.

      The contest ends May 31. For details, visit