Cuda For a Cause

Car to Be Auctioned at Barrett-Jackson

Roger Johnson - September 09, 2011 08:00 AM

ImageDarrell Gwynn Foundation

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This ‘71 Hemi ‘Cuda is being built to auction off at Barrett Jackson’s 40th anniversary Las Vegas auction. It’s called the BarrettCuda. This radically modified car is sponsored by the Darrell Gwynn Foundation and supported by a variety of aftermarket companies. Some of the pictures seen have been used for the Foundation’s facebook site at The build sequence leading up to the car’s creation is among the interesting information found there. The car has come together through the unselfish support of aftermarket companies thaht are lending their products and expertise to assist the Foundation.

The Darrell Gwynn Foundation was started nearly 10 years ago to provide awareness, prevention, support and research to find a cure for paralysis. The objective is to provide an increase in quality of life of those who have been afflicted through illness or injury. The Foundation has worked with Barrett-Jackson on previous occasions to raise funds for the Foundation’s work.