Considering Classics

Reports Add Meaning for Collectors

John Gunnell - May 10, 2014 02:12 PM


Used cars have always been an important part of the market.

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This salesman was right up to speed on Renault Dauphine values.

Courtesy of John Gunnell

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      Recently, announced that it will be including information about classic used cars in its public records and vehicle reports. is an online source of such information in America. With hundreds of users daily, motor vehicle report availability and customer service are top priorities for
      The company previously gathered information on late-model used cars and continues to do so because used cars make up the largest part of the pre-owned vehicle market. However, inquiries about classic cars suggested that the vehicle reports could be altered to provide information about those cars, too.” said their database needed to be updated to include the information about classic cars because people are looking for a different data set than the traditional market. “Odometer readings are not nearly as important when looking at a restored '57 Chevy as when a buyer is thinking about buying a two-year-old Toyota,” a spokesperson said. “A buyer wants to know if the car has been registered as a classic and what the overall value of the vehicle is. We've changed our reports to represent that.”
      The new information covers classic cars originally sold in the North American market, since some cars from other countries didn’t use the United States VIN system. This makes it impossible to include them in the company’s search service as it is now structured, although future refinements are possible.