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Four Dates on 2014 Schedule

Larry Jewett - January 29, 2014 03:29 PM


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Carlisle Auctions has returned as the exclusive presenter of collector auctions backed by Carlisle Events. The Carlisle Auctions brand will be present during Spring and Fall Carlisle as well as Zephyrhills Fall and Winter AutoFest in 2014. Each auction offering will be packed with two full days of lots of auction-themed excitement.  The auction dates areZephyrhills Winter AutoFest (February 21-22), Spring Carlisle (April 24-25), Fall Carlisle (October 2-3) and Zephyrhills Fall AutoFest (November 14-15).
Enthusiasts who enjoy these types of happenings, either as a buyer, seller or spectator, will enjoy a more streamlined process. There will be uniform fees for buyers and sellers, the new and hugely popular FREE UNLESS SOLD policy and cars offered via a SPOTLIGHT designation. Complete details on fees are available as part of the auction packet available through the Carlisle Events web page at
The FREE UNLESS SOLD policy allows for a consigner to offer a car with the assurance that if the car does not sell, all fees associated with the registration process are refunded. The SPOTLIGHT feature is available for an additional fee, but a car is guaranteed to run during a certain time slot, regardless of where in the run list the auction is. Just like a FREE UNLESS SOLD car, if the SPOTLIGHT car doesn't sell, all fees are refunded.
Montway Transport has been named the official transportation partner of Carlisle Events and Carlisle Auctions in 2014. Carlisle Events has hired Tony Cline to be the Director of Auction Operations.
"The excitement of an auction backed by Carlisle Auctions is real," said Bill Miller, co-owner of Carlisle Events.  "When we made the decision in 2013 to bring back the Carlisle Auctions brand, we knew that we wanted to do things that would revolutionize the hobby.  With our FREE UNLESS SOLD policy, SPOTLIGHT cars and simplified registration process, we feel that the experience offered will be unforgettable for all who take part."