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Classic Mustangs On The Block

Larry Jewett - September 10, 2011 08:00 AM

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Leake Auction Company has been selected to auction two 1966 Ford Mustangs that were featured in the pilot episode of the first season of Speed Network’s Car Warriors. The cars will be sold at no reserve during Leake’s annual Dallas car auction, November 18-20. Car Warriors pits two teams against each other to custom build a car during a 72-hour challenge. The All Star team consists of some of the industry’s top customizers. The Challengers Team is comprised of individuals from locally owned auto body shops throughout the country. Southern Fried D’Lite, with team members from Lubbock, Texas, was the first team to defeat the All Stars.

Each team was given a stripped down 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe and access to state-of-the-art equipment and a parts cage to complete the challenge. The cars were judged by George Barris, “Mad Mike” Martin and Jimmy Shine. After a tough deliberation, Southern Fried D’Lite’s Old Skull Mustang beat the All Stars’ gasser Mustang partly due to its artistic paint design. As a result, Southern Fried D’Lite kept their Mustang and the All Stars’ Mustang.

Ryno Templeton from the All Stars team and Trick My Truck will make a special appearance at the auction. The team members of Southern Fried D’Lite will also attend the auction.

The annual Leake Collector Car Show & Auction will be held November 18-20 in Dallas Market Hall. For a complete list of vehicles consigned to this auction, visit