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1969 Ford Boss 302 Mustang

Andy Bolig - February 11, 2014 11:45 AM

ImagePhoto Credit: Ebay
ImagePhoto Credit: Ebay
ImagePhoto Credit: Ebay
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Imagephoto Credit: Ebay

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Subsequently he was captured, lost his license and the car was parked

History rolled right out of a barn when this unrestored, original 1969 Mustang Boss 302 went back into the marketplace!

That Indiana Jones spirit buried deep within every enthusiast bubbles to the surface when we hear stories of some rare muscle car being excavated from their long-term storage. With only aging spiders and dust mites as friends, they’ve patiently awaited their coming-out parties, carefully preserved throughout the ages. Sometimes, their re-introduction into society is secretly conducted amid the Illuminati, while other times, it’s lived in the limelight for all to see.

That is the story of this particular Acapulco Blue ’69 Boss 302 Mustang.  Busting on the scene via an Ebay ad, viewers relived the excitement of the excavation through detailed photos and documentation that heaped credibility to the seller’s claims of originality.

The seller states that this particular car was just removed from a barn on the east coast where it was hiding for more than 30 years. It has been under the same ownership for 42 years and was purchased from the original owner in 1971. The current owner even had the original newspaper ad listing the car for sale back in ’71! Additional paperwork lending credence to the car was an accompanying Marti Report.

The owner described the car as, “only 43,002 miles on the Acapulco Blue Ford. It features the original, factory installed Black Clarion Knit Vinyl Hi-Back Bucket Seat Interior and is equipped with the Original Boss 302-4V Engine, Four Speed Close Ratio Manual Transmission, 3.91 Traction-Lok Rear Axle, F60x15 Belted Tires w/ Raised White Letters, Rear Deck Spoiler, Sport Deck Rear Seats, Power Front Disc Brakes, Power Steering, AM Radio, Color Keyed Racing Mirrors and Tachometer.”

The car was originally sold by Main Line Motors in Devon, PA. The original owner then sold the car in ’71 to the car’s then only other owner, who lived in Concord N.H. Both owners were attentive enough to keep the car in its current state of originality, save for a slight deviation, best described by the seller in the Ebay ad. “The Acapulco Blue paint is the original finish that was sprayed on at Ford with the exception of the left front fender, which was refinished and blended into the door in the early 70’s. This was the result of the owner trying to avoid capture and meeting a fire hydrant. Subsequently he was captured, lost his license and the car was parked.”

The originality and documentation of this particular car clearly resonated with bidders as the car ratcheted in over 100 bids from hopeful owners. In the end, over 37 bidders tossed their offers over the ‘net and as the clock wound down, ending the cycle of one-upmanship, bid number 109 was deemed the winner at $74,100. Several thousands more than the original owner’s $2,700 original purchase price, but then again, opportunities to own one of these cars is getting pretty rare.

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