Second Season on Velocity

Larry Jewett - June 03, 2014 12:45 PM


Ray Evernham's popular car-themed show AmeriCarna will be offered again in 2015.

Courtesy of Velocity

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     Last year, Velocity embarked on a cross-country road trip to open the garage doors and lift the hoods of the four-wheeled treasures that had a profound effect on American culture.  Now, the fan-favorite ratings-getter AmeriCarna is back, slated to return in early 2015 with 10 all-new episodes that promise a deeper dive into the car culture that shaped our national identity. Three-time NASCAR champion crew chief Ray Evernham returns as host, scouting the incredible unknown stories of American automotive history that have yet to be told. From the last car Elvis drove, to the epic memoir of the Ford Mustang, to the hunt for a car that defined Ray’s personal racing history, AmeriCarna Season 2 presents a look at our national story through the lens of one of its greatest inventions - the automobile.
     “Last year, viewers echoed our belief that the automobile is an undeniable part of the American experience,” said Bob Scanlon, General Manager of Velocity. “With Ray’s incredible knowledge of automotive history here in America, he continues to be the perfect host for the job. The all-new season of AmeriCarna promises even more unforgettable cars and the stories behind them.”
     “I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with the team at Velocity on a second season of AmeriCarna,” Evernham said. “Velocity is a perfect home for the show, and I am confident we have put together another great lineup of car stories that will be interesting to everyone tuning in, no matter what age or gender.”
      AmeriCarna is produced for Velocity by AmeriCarna Productions, which is co-owned by Evernham and Rick Hendrick.