American Pony Builders

Ford-focused TV show

By Larry Jewett - July 06, 2011 07:38 PM


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There’s an ongoing effort to develop a Ford focused Mustang specific TV show. The idea of American Pony Builders has started with the folks at R & A Motorsports.
 There is a two-minute trailer video to set the stage for the show. The more than 14,000 hits of the video site indicate that there is an interest from the viewing community. Comments on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,, and in person at car shows all point to the growing interest.

Efforts to get interest from networks and producers have not yielded any positive results. Apparently, the idea doesn’t fit their needs or they simply can’t see beyond brand bias.

There is one hope left and that comes through a website called Kickstarter is focused on the creative projects and is powered by people making pledges to projects they like and believe in.

For a limited time, Kickstarter has provided a link to help organizers get the money needed to get this off the ground. The link is, where you can pledge support to the project.

With your help, American pony Builders takes its rightful place in the landscape of auto-related television programming.