1948 Lincoln

Thursday Sale Offering in Houston

Larry Jewett - March 28, 2014 09:03 AM


This 1948 Lincoln Continental will be offered for sale on April 10.


Style on every inch of the 125-inch wheelbase of the 1948 Lincoln


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The world was finding its way soon after the end of a long and torturous World War II. Automakers had retooled their factories and were down to business of creating beautiful cars that the public wanted for their garages.
 This 1948 Lincoln 846H Series Model 56 Continental Cabriolet was a stylish example of a post-war luxury car. Powered by the V-12 L-head engine with 292 cubic inches, it had power and class wrapped up into one package. The burgundy paint and beige canvas provided an impressive combination, surrounding the black interior. This model featured push-button door releases, an integrated trunk-mounted spare tire and a six-volt electrical system. Riding on a 125-inch wheelbase, there were only 1,650 Lincoln Continentals made in 1948.
 This example will be sold at the Mecum Auction in Houston. It will be offered as Lot T189 and sold on the first day, Thursday, April 10 For complete details, visit