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Story Wayne Scraba - February 02, 2014 03:20 PM

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The Brodix Race-Rite series heads are based around easy-to-source components – almost all of which are common high-performance replacement parts.

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The Race-Rite series chambers are designed for use with 2.25-inch intake valves (and 1.88-inch exhausts). For your information, this is one of the machined chambers offered by Brodix and measures 115cc.

Wayne Scraba

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If you survey the cylinder head market, you’ll quickly discover it’s jam-packed with capable cylinder heads. Choices are almost infinite.
If you have a pretty good combination already and want to update it with new heads, there are some real hard considerations. One is header fit. Raising an exhaust port by a mere ¼-inch or so can pretty much ruin header fit in plenty of cars. Few “shelf” headers are available to fit the spectrum of raised ports.
Choices for intake port configurations are incredibly diverse. On a stock big-block Chevy, there is a bolt-hole for the intake manifold that is centered over the pair of adjoining intake ports. Many (perhaps most) aftermarket heads do not have this hole machined into the head.
Valve dimensions and rocker geometry changes are also common on many aftermarket heads. If you do your homework, you’ll see that a number of aftermarket big-block Chevys mandate valvetrain components that differ from stock. Similarly, revised valve (stem) length can have an effect on your valve train hardware. Finally, some heads do not have provisions for things like alternator mounts, or for some electric water pump drives.
Brodix’s series of Race-Rite heads offer four big-block combinations in this configuration –oval intake port, one conventional rectangular port (complete with the top center bolt hole for the intake) and one filled with BB-2 Plus ports (sans the top center intake port bolt hole). You can specify CNC-machined combustion chambers for both the RR BB-O and RR BB-R heads. Each of the heads in the Race-Rite series is configured to directly replace a stock Chevy head. That means they address the fitment issues mentioned above.

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