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Making a 69 Camaro even “cooler” with a custom built Vintage Air Sure Fit A/C

Chris McDonald - April 19, 2014 10:17 AM


Gen II (left) and Gen IV systems by comparison. Notice the radical difference in vent output location as well as unit shape.


A side-by-side comparison of the standard style R134A hose and the EZ Clip hose.  Notice that the inside diameter of this #6, #8, and #10 is the same


A final look at the entire outer house routing prior to reassembly of the sheet metal.


We picked up all the tools needed to evacuate and charge the system from Harbor Freight for well under $200. A proper recovery system is required and or use of a licensed professional shop.

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Nearly a decade ago, this 1969 Camaro was treated to the then, state of the art Gen II Super Cooler air conditioning conversion from Vintage Air. 

The basic universal Gen II unit has proven versatile and durable for use in a virtually endless series of applications. Needing nothing more than a good 12 volt source, belt accessibility to drive the compressor, an appropriately sized condenser, hoses and a safety switch, these units can be stuffed into anything needing climate control. Parties such as Detroit Speed developed a bracket kit and trim panels to make the Gen II system about as bolt-in as possible for a first-gen Camaro.

The new Sure-Fit series of Vintage Air products have made adding aftermarket air conditioning to your classic car as simple as possible. These systems are designed specifically for the vehicle, and virtually everything needed to complete the conversion comes in the kit with no surprises and easy to follow instructions. And, if this were a typical “how to” we’d walk you through the absolute simplicity of removing the stock parts and executing the installation of the new stuff. 

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