Valvoline Reinvention Project

Classic Truck Designs Unveiled

Larry Jewett - April 07, 2014 01:57 PM


Trucks designed by Dale Earnardt Jr. (top) and Jimmie johnson were the subject of the Reinvention Project contest, where visitors tried to guess the design.


The drivers look over Johnson's design, a '55 farm truck with an LS3 engine


Part of the build included tests to see which truck would outperform the other. In addition to drag racing, there was autocross and a smoking burnout show.


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 To commemorate a new relationship with Hendrick Motorsports, Valvoline teamed up with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson, two of the NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers in the Hendrick stable, earlier this year for the “Reinvention Project”. The two drivers were given a challenge – design a Chevrolet truck. Visitors to the special website,, would register and attempt to guess many aspects of the build. Clues were given along the way.  The person who correctly guessed the aspects of the build would be in line to receive a custom built truck of their own.
 As the builds progressed in secret, thousands of participants logged in, trying to create the build that was the closest to either Johnson or Earnhardt Jr.
 Earnhardt’s choice was a 1974 Cheyenne Super 10, a nod to his birth year. The original fiery red-orange paint remained intact (Earnhardt’s favorite color). Changes included a custom grille insert, inverted leaf springs in the rear and a set of flat black American Eagle Boss 338 wheels with Goodyear rubber.
 Johnson’s section was a 1955 Chevrolet pickup, a trusty farm truck coming from its original owner in Georgia. The bed remains authentic wood, though the team had top add a second taillight to make the truck legal for modern driving.
 Both trucks share some aspects, including the wheels. The original engines have been replaced with LS3 GM engines (the ’55 was a six cylinder and the ’74 had a 350 V-8) and modern drivelines were used to carry the 480 horsepower each truck can generate. The engine oil with be ValvolineSynPower full synthetic.
Part of the Reinvention Project included a showdown to see who designed the better truck in terms of performance. The drivers were challenged to put their trucks to the test in three competitions – autocrossing, burnouts and a trip down the quarter-mile at ZMax Dragway. (Video links below)
 The Valvoline Reinvention Project site features several videos of the drivers enjoying their trucks. Visitors to the site are invited to vote for their favorite truck and learn more about them and Valvoline products.
 “Pushing ourselves to innovate and reinvent in order to help drivers get the most out of their cars is our mission at Valvoline,” said Heidi Matheys, senior vice president of Valvoline’s Do-It-Yourself Channel. “We are thrilled that we can share that passion in such a fun and engaging way with our fans.”