Street Outlaws

The Battle for Supremacy

Larry Jewett - June 12, 2014 01:34 PM


The shop provides the origin point for creating faster racers

Courtesy of Discovery Channell

The racing takes place at night, adding an element of intrigue

Courtesy of Discovery Channell

Viewerrs in 2014 will get their first look at "The Crow"

Courtesy of Discovery Channell

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      Things are going to get a little more interesting when STREET OUTLAWS returns to Discovery on Monday, June 23rd at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The series joins Motor Mondays, which has been revving up ratings for the Discovery Channel.
       Last season, the guys of the 405 proved that Oklahoma City is home to the fastest street cars. This season, they’re taking the race cross-country and there’s a new addition.
       After three years of working on his car, called “The Crow”, Big Chief has turned in his “race master”’ title and is ready to get down to business.
      “The Crow” is a 1970 Pontiac GTO that he has owned since he was 15 years old. “It was my first car,” he said. “It’s a twin turbo that can generate 2,800 horsepower. We run a medium (13 ½-inch) tire and it is flat black. It’s more about function and we race in the moonlight. It’s really good looking at night. I’m extremely excited to get back behind the wheel."
      The stakes are high and big money is on the line to be the baddest and best on the scene. The 405 members will fight to get on the “list” of the 10 fastest cars in Oklahoma City. These guys will do anything to get and stay ranked, even if it means running from the law! They’re doing it in a place where race tracks aren’t exactly plentiful, so they have to use their wiles to find a place to race. “You can call it small man syndrome. We’re not famous for anything around here except the wind. The places that are bigger think they are better just because they’re bigger, but we strive to show them that is not so.
       “Our deal is heads up. We’ll race anything. We don’t care. If they need a head start, they can have it. We don’t need it. We’ll set them out. We’ll do what we can to prove we’re the best. We like to gamble.”
       There are no horsepower restrictions, no time slips, no formal rule book. It comes down to simply being the first one to cross that finish, whether it’s on a race track or in the parking lot of an industrial park. Big Chief has always insisted on making it as safe as possible without taking the thrill and attraction with the goal of taking the money at the end of it all.
       This season, the Oklahoma City crew also challenges themselves to soup up everything from a hearse to a scooter, getting them up to speed. As the 405’s notoriety revs up, racing groups from across the country also want a piece of the action. Reigning supreme in Oklahoma is one thing, but with their national reputation on the line, will the guys of the 405 come out on top?
      The quest starts June 23 and it promises to be very interesting along the way. For more information, please visit