GM Represents at NOPI

Show field finds

Larry Jewett - April 09, 2014 11:19 AM


These owners were preparing their car, but the Saturday rain came within hours.

Photo by Larry Jewett

A sleek Chevelle stood its ground surrounded by smaller Asian products on the NOPI show field.

Photo by Larry Jewett

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 The 2014 season for the NOPI Nationals got underway at Orlando SpeedWorld earlier this month. The event is dominated by tuner cars on the track and in the show fields, but there was some domestic representation carrying the General’s name forward for the crowd.
 The three-day event featured two good weather days sandwiching a Saturday that brought the show to an early halt due to a tornado warning. Friday night fun set the stage for the rest of the weekend. Despite the inclement weather that rolled in around 1:30 in the afternoon, things were jumping at the track and on the show field. The best showing came on Sunday as the show field filled quickly and the compacted drag racing program was hustled through with elimination starting right after the hydraulics show at the starting line.
 GM products could be found in just about every area of competition. The best representation was the show field that included Camaros, Corvettes, Chevelles and more. The numbers may not have been great, but the quality was just right to hold attention for domestic fans.
 The NOPI Nationals trail moves to Bristol Dragway in Bristol, Tennessee, May 30 through June 1.