2010 Lingenfelter Signature Series Camaro

Driving the Lingenfelter Signature Series Camaro

Al Rogers - August 01, 2011 09:00 AM


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we could not help but notice the many onlookers pulling up beside the car to get a closer look. Happy faces, finger pointing and thumbs up for approval were the normal response.

How do you take a Gen-V Camaro SS and make it stand out from the rest of the general population? The Lingenfelter Performance Engineering team has the answer. Their “out of the box” thinking continues to raise the bar with their passion for performance, power and creative design.

It had a successful unveiling during the 2011 Camaro5Fest in Chandler, Arizona, at the Firebird International Raceway in April. Upon its return, we were handed the keys. It’s like Christmas came early.

The driving experience was eye opening. During the road trip to the photo location, we could not help but notice the many onlookers pulling up beside the car to get a closer look. Happy faces, finger pointing and thumbs up for approval were the normal response. Drivers had to get a closer look.

Capturing the amazing Pearl Yellow paint blazing in sunlight or at dusk is exhilarating. The stunning one-of-a-kind, three-part paint finish with custom Lingenfelter graphics provides a little attitude. We positioned it on a big stage studio, near a free-flowing stream and guided it down an airport runway for a little car-to-car action. During each setting, it took on a new personality while maintaining a stellar stance.

The 2010 LS7 Camaro package includes twin GT30R turbochargers in a 7.0 liter V-8 engine that has an 8.8:1 compression ratio, forged JE pistons, air-to-air intercooler, production GM crankshaft, titanium connecting rods and LS7 cylinder heads with titanium valves. It’s finished off with Inconel exhaust valves, Lingenfelter low-temperature thermostat and custom coil covers.

Additional features include a Lingenfelter six-bolt LS9 twin-disc clutch flywheel assembly, Camaro SS twin-pump fuel system with pump controller, heavy-duty half shafts from Driveshaft Shop, Brembo brake calipers and rotors, a Corsa stainless steel exhaust, and Hotchkis suspension springs, anti-sway bars and subframe brace.

Added to the exterior is a front fascia splitter, rocker panel extensions, a new hood with functioning air inlet, rear deck lid spoiler (omitted on the convertible version) and rear fascia extensions.

The Lingenfelter Signature Edition Camaro sports a set of custom wheels, Nitto 275/40ZR20 tires up front and ultra wide Nitto 315/35R20 tires on the rear.

Finishing things off is a set of unique exterior side view mirrors. The interior features a unique Lingenfelter-designed leather wrapped steering wheel and video display rearview mirror. The gas, brake and clutch pedal covers are CNC machined. Unique Lingenfelter script is on the grille bar, passenger side dash panel, windshield, rocker panels extension ground effects and deck lid.

The Lingenfelter Performance Engineering team started turning out custom-built vehicles in 1988. Among the noted thoroughbreds created at their stable is the 2005 twin-turbo 427 Motor Trend shootout Corvette with its 1,000-plus horsepower and 2006 Commemorative Edition Corvette with 725 horsepower. In 2010, the Lingenfelter LS9 Camaro SS made the first eight-second quarter mile run for a fifth generation manual transmission Camaro SS at 158.80 miles per hour at the Maryland International Raceway. Most astounding is the 1,243 rear wheel horsepower.

The same engineering and passion that went into the record-holding LS9 Camaro has gone into this Lingenfelter Signature Edition Camaro. Horsepower rating exceeding 800 will be the norm not the exception for this model.

The power, performance and handling on the open road are profound. The look is stellar, strong and menacing. It stands out in a crowd or solo. Parked in a residential driveway, it caused onlookers to slow down, stop and take it in. We had a 2010 Camaro owner stop to get a closer look. He walked around it and asked if it was the new 2012 Camaro!

The Signature Edition represents the exceptional Camaro and GM product line from the Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Team. We can’t wait to see what Ken Lingenfelter and the team at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has up their sleeves for future builds.