Parts Shopper: Way cool new stuff

Way Cool New Stuff

Compiled by Eric Kaminsky - August 12, 2011 09:00 AM

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View some of the latest new products from top suppliers in the automotive aftermarket.

Battery Tray

Finish off your Mustang build with this battery tray from Cobra Automotive. Made from laser-cut, CNC-machined .090-inch aluminum, it is specifically designed to fit a Group 24 size battery in the passenger side of the trunks of 1965-’73 Mustangs. It can also be adapted for use in other locations. Weighing just less than 2½ pounds, it features a side bracket and hold-down strap that can be mounted two different ways to accommodate different style battery tops. For durability, it has been powdercoated with a silver finish. Battery not included.

Cobra Automotive

(203) 284-3863


AMC Front Brake Kit

Ensure better braking response in your 1971 through 1976 AMC by replacing factory units with this front disc brake kit from Wilwood Engineering. Designed for cars with a disc spindle, the track-tested kit includes plain face rotors and black anodized calipers. Seen here are the optional forged billet Dynalite calipers with red powdercoating and 11-inch slotted rotors. All necessary parts – calipers, hubs, aluminum rotor adapters, rotors, caliper brackets, brake pads and hardware – are included.

Wilwood Engineering

(805) 388-1188


Chevy Rearend

Complete the restoration or repair of your 1958-’64 Chevrolet with a custom-built rearend from Jim Meyer Racing Products. The 9-inch rear is built specifically for your car’s chassis and features a narrowed housing with Dutchman alloy axles, an adjustable Panhard bar, adjustable aluminum coilover shock absorbers, and urethane-bushed adjustable four-link bars with the forward crossmember and brackets jig-welded to the housing and crossmember. Anti-sway bars are optional. All pieces are also available separately.

Jim Meyer Racing Products

(800) 824-1752


Thread Restoration

Restore stripped threads on both internal and external parts with this thread restoration kit, available from Griot’s Garage. The tool works from the inside, where the threads are still good, and pulls the damaged material out. The kit includes pieces for external metric threads (M4 to M18), standard external threads (5/32-inch to 11/16-inch), internal metric threads (M8 to M16) and internal standard threads (5/16-inch to 5/8-inch). Extra blades for all the tools are included, as are detailed instructions, and it all fits in a compact case.

Griot’s Garage

(800) 345-5789


Impala Grilles

Customize the look of your 1959-’76 full size Chevrolet (Impala, Caprice, Biscayne or Bel Air) with a billet aluminum grille from Impala Bob’s. Manufactured from high-strength, 6061 T-6 aluminum, the precision-made assemblies are powdercoated black on the back and sides, with the front highly polished. Grilles with headlight covers are available for 1964, 1966, 1969 and 1973 models, and grilles can be installed on hardtops, convertibles, sedans and station wagons. All necessary mounting hardware is included.

Impala Bob’s

(800) 467-2527


Mustang Clutches and Flywheels

Get quicker, more sure shifts in your 3.7L-equipped 2011 Mustang with these high-performance clutch and flywheel assemblies from SPEC, Inc. Clutch kits are available in seven different single-disc stages and can handle up to 970 lbs-ft of torque. The clutches have a significant increase in holding power over stock. The billet aluminum flywheels help improve throttle response, are machined to a .001-inch tolerance, and are available in both V-6 and V-8 clutch patterns.

SPEC, Inc.

(800) 828-4379


Battery Chargers

Keep batteries fully charged or recharge one that has been drained with the C3 and C7 battery chargers from Bosch. The compact units are designed for use in the garage or shop and feature easy-to-use one-button operation. Internal microprocessor units monitor the battery’s charge and automatically switch to the maintenance mode (trickle charging) when fully charged. They can even be left connected to the battery when the vehicle is not being used. The C3 unit handles voltage ranges of 6 to 12 volts, while the C7 can handle 12 to 24 volts. Both come equipped with high-quality cables, a quick connect harness and fully insulated clips.



Steering Column Plates

Securely attach the steering column in your 1969-’72 GM A-body (Chevelle, GTO, GS or 442) to the base of the firewall with these plates from Inline Tube. Replacement may be necessary if an engine or transmission has been changed, as the original plates may not fit properly. Several different versions are available, depending on whether your car has an automatic or manual transmission and if it came equipped with cruise control; all are designed to match factory originals and bolt right in. The company also has the necessary foam seals and grommets available.

Inline Tube

(800) 385-9452


Hemi Flexplates

Whether you drive your Hemi-powered Mopar on the street or strip, improve performance by installing a Xtreme Duty Platinum Series flexplate from PRW Industries. Available for 2002-present 5.7L, 6.1L or 6.4L-equipped vehicles, the flexplate has been SFI approved and features robotically controlled precision welded ring gears and a durable 4mm center plate. It fits an 8-bolt crankshaft, has 131 teeth and is internally balanced.

PRW Industries

(714) 792-1000


Wheel Opening Moldings

After more than two years of research and development, Original Parts Group has introduced reproduction wheel opening moldings for 1970-’72 Chevelles. Made using new stamped forms (instead of stretch dies), they precisely match GM originals. They are then bright dip anodized for a long lasting shine. Moldings are available individually or as part of a complete kit.

Original Parts Group

(800) 243-8355


Transmission Pump

Performance Automatic has added two new parts for Ford AOD and 4R70W transmissions to its extensive product line. The Pro Pump fits all AOD transmissions up to 1993, while a separate piece fits all AODE and 4R70W transmissions from 1994 to 2004. Starting with high-quality cores, the company checks the pumps for proper bushing centerline, examines the gear pocket and sizes the correct pump gears. The stator housing also gets reconditioned and machined for a thrust bearing, which eliminates the plastic washer. Finally, modified stator rings are installed, as well as a new O-ring and gasket.

Performance Automatic

(301) 963-8078

GT Shifter

Get quicker, more accurate shifts in your 2011-’12 Mustang GT equipped with a six-speed with this shifter from UPR Products. CNC-machined from 7075 T-6 billet aluminum, it has no cast or welded parts and can fit both V-6 and V-8 models. It features a 20-percent shorter throw and comes with a silver finish. The company states it can be installed in 30 minutes or less.

UPR Products

(561) 588-6630

Ford Lifters

COMP Cams adds to its product line with solid and mechanical lifters for Ford Y-block and flathead engines. These brand-new pieces, direct replacements for hard-to-find stock parts, are manufactured to tight tolerances and feature precision-ground crowns to ensure long life and improve break-in procedures. They are engineered to help prevent too much oil from being delivered to the top of the engine.


(800) 999-0853

Z-Rod Oil

If your classic car, muscle car or high-performance vehicle needs an oil with high levels of zinc to help protect its flat-tappet engine, then try Z-Rod synthetic motor oil from Amsoil. A blend of high-quality base stock and additives not only help provide lubrication while on the road, but rust and corrosion inhibitors also protect flat-tappet cams, lifters and rockers during storage. It is available in 10W-30 and 20W-50 viscosities.


(715) 392-7101


Steering Linkage

Improve handling in your 1964-’72 GM A-body, 1968-’81 F-body or 1978-’88 G-body with a complete steering linkage kit from Chris Alston’s Chassisworks, part of the company gStreet line of suspension products. The factory centerlink, idler arm and tie rod assemblies are replaced. The outer tie rod and adjusting sleeve are replaced with an extended, billet steel sleeve and high-strength steel body rod end. With its tapered stud, plus the use of shims, the outer pivot point can be adjusted vertically, allowing alteration of the vehicle’s toe-in characteristics.

Chris Alston’s Chassisworks

(800) 722-2269


Shaker Hood System

Improve airflow and get a boost in horsepower with this Shaker hood system for 2011-’12 5.0 Mustangs from Classic Design Concepts. The system features a cast aluminum hood scoop, utilizes all the factory attachment points and retains the factory strut brace. It comes complete with all the necessary mounting hardware, an air management system, hood template and a detailed installation guide.

Classic Design Concepts

(866) 624-7997


Data Logger

For performance enthusiasts who want access to data to assist in tuning or who are at the track without expensive equipment, AEM Performance Electronics has introduced its AQ-1 Data Logger. The compact unit (measuring just 4.8 by 4.55 by 1.44 inches) includes three switched/digital inputs, four 0-5 volt analog inputs, and an internal three-axis accelerometer, all protected by a weather-resistant dust cover. It interfaces via a USB connection to a laptop computer, and the included software is easy to set up and utilize. The unit also has OBD-II logging capability and comes complete with a flying lead harness with labeled wires and sealed Packard connector, plus a removable 2-gigabyte SD memory card.

AEM Performance Electronics

(310) 484-2322


Next-Gen Cleveland Engine

Noted Ford engine builder McKeown Motorsport Engineering has debuted the world’s first aftermarket Cleveland engine, the MME Cleveland 2K. While the original Ford Cleveland engine was a high-rpm, high-output small block, this new version operates from 1,500 to 6,500 rpm using either a 850cfm carb or port fuel injection. It can be adapted for nitrous, turbocharged or supercharged applications. Available as either a complete running engine or individual components, it can be equipped with intake and cylinder head configurations to suit nearly every hood clearance need. Optional large diameter camshaft journals and a revised firing order provide smoother performance. A buildsheet with every engine dimension is included.

McKeown Motorsport Engineering

(301) 932-9292