Viewpoint: Time to Cruise

A cure for cabin fever

Larry Jewett - July 13, 2014 11:29 AM


Cars from the Goodguys All-American Nationals in Kissimmee arrive at Old Town.

Photo: Gary Rosier

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Remember the winter, the one that basically ended a few weeks ago?


Most of us got a good dose of cabin fever that should be going away now. We’ve always found the best way to cure cabin fever is to hop in the car and drive.

With the impending arrival of better weather in the summer (fingers crossed), there will be few reasons not to hit the open road and join like-minded individuals at cruises and cruise nights, car shows and vacations. There are more opportunities than ever as the schedule is filled and you shouldn’t have to look far to find events big and small.

A precursor to the season came to Kissimmee, Florida, on the last weekend of April as the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association brought their show to the region for the first time. The end result was 1,200 cars, perfect weather and plenty of activity. The activity even included a cruise to nearby Old Town.

Cruising is integral to the hobby, emphasized by the Goodguys and other organizations. “Our founder, Gary Meadors, believed that cars were meant to be driven and enjoyed,” said John Drummond, communications director of Goodguys Rod & Custom Association. “We emphasize that side of enjoying these cars and sharing them with the world on the road. We have been ‘pro driving’ since the beginning.”

Many of the events actually begin with planned cruises that end at the spot where the show will start, just like what was experienced with the Great American Pony Drive and Mustangs Across America, two cruises that reached the Mustang 50th anniversary celebration.  It’s a chance to make new friends and renew acquaintances. It’s a chance to surround yourself with people who enjoy cars, emphasis on the word “enjoy”.

Cruises can be thousands of miles or around the block since mileage doesn’t matter. What counts is the experience, the exposure of what you have to an appreciative crowd. From the vantage point outside the seat, cruising is exciting in that a parade of quality cars will pass right before you, never really knowing what’s next…and even if you didn’t care for it, you probably respect it. The best seat in the house, though, is arguably the one behind the steering wheel with a close second going to “shotgun”. The experience changes with the perspective, but it doesn’t devalue the other. Everybody benefits when a cool car is cruising. The next time you see a hot rod, a custom, a muscle car or even a rat rod on the road, the spirit is moving them, the spirit of driving and enjoyment that has run through the hobby since there was a hobby to enjoy. Check out your local car cruise today.