Rally Roundup

One great road trip

By Larry Jewett - July 25, 2011 01:48 AM


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I was one of the lucky ones. I was back home within a day after the conclusion of the 2011 Rally Appalachia. The bad thing about that is that's not enough time to sort out all the memorable moments and I was only there a third of the time.

More complete details are going to be found in the September 2 version of the iPad/iPhone app Auto Enthusiast Weekly. Even more details will likely be in the November issue of Auto Enthusiast. If it's not there, it means I missed the deadline (checkpoint) and it'll be in December.

They'll be telling stories of this adventure for a long, long time. There were friendships made and strengthened. There were generous acts of human kindness and there were stories of perserverance that would clearly test the mettle of the average individual.

Rally Appalachia is about driving - cars and trucks, domestic and foreign, over a distance of 1,480 miles in three days. It's about raising money for a worthy cause, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, which stands to receive upwards of $8,000 through entry fees and donations. Special thanks to Bill and everyone at CJ Pony Parts for a generous check.

I'm running out of allotted space and have dozens of pictures to review and words to sort out. Thanks, Tony and Scott, for letting me tag along. When the plans come out for the next event, whenever and wherever it may be, I'm going to see if i can pick up a navigator's spot so I can really get in on the action.