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Larry Jewett - June 06, 2014 08:18 AM


Action from previous NMRA event has been intense and will continue at Norwalk June 12-15

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      The McLeod Racing NMRA Ford Super Nationals at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, will feature multiple special events that will make it one of the largest Blue Oval events in 2014. The fourth stop of the NMRA Keystone Automotive Ford Nationals will take place June 12-15, 2014. Special events include a True Street Battle Royale, an All-Female Shootout, the return of King Ford, and a Killer Clutch Shootout!
      The special True Street event attempts to break the 200 car mark and will do it in style with two separate True Street classes - one for the men and one for the ladies - as well as a huge Saturday evening True Street party with over $10,000 in free performance parts giveaways!
      Royal Purple has stepped up to sponsor the Muscle Mustangs All-Female Shootout and add it to their Royal Purple Ladies program, which recognizes and supports women racers all over the U.S. NMRA female competitors will first race in their own ladies-only True Street class on Saturday (must meet all TS rules) with their own cash prizes and awards. On Sunday, the eight quickest racers from Saturday’s True Street competition will compete heads-up in the All-Female Shootout for cash, Royal Purple product, awards, and the coveted title of All-Female Shootout champion!
      NMRA is pleased to announce the return of King Ford presented by ACCEL, one of the most popular Ford drag racing competitions of all time! ACCEL will present King Ford with a $1,000 product certificate. Watch as the Saturday & Sunday winners of Fast Ford, Quick Ford, Street Ford and Nostalgia Ford face off on Sunday afternoon for the right to be crowned King Ford! After being adorned with a crown, cape and scepter, King Ford will be drowned in champagne and then carried to the winners circle by servants where he/she will be presented with a special King Ford prize package. The King will also receive a personalized, reserved parking spot in a high visibility location for the following season. All hail the King!
      McLeod Racing has announced a Killer Clutch Shootout, a special race within a race for the fastest manually-shifted True Street competitors. The top eight stick-shifted cars in Saturday’s TREMEC True Street class, presented by Muscle Mustangs, will each receive a product certificate and custom plaque from McLeod Racing. The fastest 2 stick shift racers will compete heads-up on Sunday in a winner-take-all match race for a $1,000 McLeod Racing product certificate ($500 for the runner-up) and the title of Stick Shift King of Ohio!
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