New Home for Speed Records

East Coast Timing Comes to Ohio

Larry Jewett - October 13, 2011 08:00 AM


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               The East Coast Timing Association has found a new home for some 2012 land speed competitions. A 9,000-foot runway in Wilmington, Ohio at Air Park will serve the purpose in the coming year.

               The Clinton County (Ohio) Port Authority, the organization with domain over Air Park, agreed to four races. East Coast Timing Association co-owners Joe Timney and Keith Turk were on hand to present the idea. The agreement is only for 2012, but there is optimism that it could evolve into a long term situation.

               For the last 15 years, land speed runs were conducted in Maxton, North Carolina on a World War II era runway that was mostly idle. The ECTA found out that the lease would not be renewed after the 2011 event and needed a home.

               According to Turk, the runway is  shorter than Maxton, but in better condition. The Ohio spot is also straighter, a big advantage to speed records. No dates have been set for the 2012 runs.