Mini Corvette Challenge

Annual Event Benefits Junior Achievement

John Gunnell - April 15, 2014 07:30 PM


The 20th annual Corvette Mini Challenge hopes to raise $30,000 for charity.

Provided by John Gunnell

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     After the recent sinkhole drama, Corvette lovers around Bowling Green, Kentucky are ready for a little fun.

     Two decades ago, the racy car inspired a fund-raising event called the Mini Corvette Challenge and the 20th anniversary event is just around the corner. All proceeds go to Junior Achievement of South Central Kentucky.

     Businesses from all over the area will get together to race in Corvette go-karts. Each team has two drivers and three pit crew members. During the race, the competitors have to make a pit stop to switch drivers and change a tire.

     “It’s a great cause. We’re very supportive of Junior Achievement’s effort and what Junior Achievement does for kids in our area,” Craig Browning, regional president of U.S. Bank said. Monica Duvall, marketing manager at Southern Foods, called it “a good community event.”

     This year's race is on Saturday May 3. Junior Achievement president Heather Rogers said, ““This will help us expand programs we offer based on the success of the event. We’re on track to have a successful year, so we’re excited about that. We’ve got 21 teams and we may have a couple more. Our goal was 20 for the 20th anniversary, so we exceeded our goal. We raised $25,000 last year and we’re hoping to raise $30,000 or more this year.”

     “Several Corvette clubs will be out there that day,” Rogers said. “It just happened that it coincided with our event, so it makes it a nice addition for other people to see.”