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Better Understanding for XFI

Larry Jewett - February 13, 2012 09:33 AM


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The first XFI™ 101 class of 2012 will be held on May 5th at Figspeed in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Presented By FAST™ and EFI University, the one day XFI™ 101 course is perfect for seasoned tuners and beginners alike. The one-day program focuses primarily how to properly set up a FAST™ XFI 2.0™ ECU utilizing C-Com® software. Emphasis is placed on properly tuning and setting up calibrations for each table and sensor.
To dig even deeper, join us later in the year for the two day Advanced Extreme level course that includes a full day of hands-on track tuning. This class is scheduled for September.
In both classes you will learn XFI™ and XFI 2.0™ Fuel Injection System tuning tips and secrets from EFI tuning guru, Brian Macy, and the highly experienced FAST™ Technical Support Staff.
Future events are planned for June in Dallas, Texas, and July in Columbus, Ohio. An event is planned for the COMP/FAST R & D Center in September with a session preceding the PRI trade show later in the year.
These sessions are perfect for speed shop owners, EFI installers, performance enthusiasts and racers. Class size is limited to 25 people. Details are available at