The Elegance at Hershey

Leathery Named Executive Director

Larry Jewett - November 05, 2013 08:13 AM


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Lisa Leathery has been named the Executive Director of The Elegance at Hershey. Leathery, who worked the final three months of the 2013 event, was offered the position for 2014. The Elegance at Hershey board made this decision because they believe that her event management skills will bring new dimensions to the three-day weekend of charitable events.
A lifelong car enthusiast, Leathery has an extensive background in the automotive industry. For 15 years, she led the event management and marketing for Carlisle Events. After departing Carlisle Events, Leathery began her own business, sharing her extensive event planning and management services to clients like Summit Motorsport Park in Norwalk, Ohio. Her own personal interest in muscle cars is what originally drew Lisa to the world of collector car events. Her garage currently holds her first car, a 1966 Ford Fairlane GTA convertible, which she purchased in 1973 and her most recent acquisition, a 2013 Boss 302 which she uses to participates in SCCA Auto X activities.
"While I have worked in the automotive event world for most of my professional career, The Elegance, a charitable event which features many magnificent pre-war vehicles,  has introduced me to a new world of collector car enthusiasts," stated Leathery. "I have always been around the muscle car world, and quite frankly, my knowledge regarding a Cord, Delage or Bugatti was limited; however, the Board of Directors and the staff at the AACA have been able bring me up to speed with their vast knowledge of the pre-war era automobiles."
Steve Moskowitz, Board Member and Executive Director of the Antique Automobile Club of America stated, "We knew that Lisa would be a great addition to this event because of her ability to plan and manage large events with multiple facets. We felt she was just the right person to complement our existing team."
Dates have been set for June 13 – 15, 2014.  More information is available at