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Lutz Tabbed for Hershey

Larry Jewett - February 24, 2014 05:55 PM


Bob Lutz

Photo Courtesy of GM

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The Elegance at Hershey is pleased to announce the Honorary Chairman for its 2014 weekend of charitable events is noted automotive executive, author, entrepreneur and "car guy" Robert "Bob" Lutz.
Lutz retired from General Motors May 1, 2010, as vice chairman after a 47-year career in the global automotive industry that included senior leadership positions at BMW, Ford and Chrysler. He was recently named chairman of VIA Motors.
Lutz began his automotive career in September 1963 at GM, where he held a variety of senior sales and marketing positions in Europe. He then served as executive vice president of global sales and marketing at BMW in Munich and as a member of that company's board of management.
From 1974 until 1986, Lutz held a variety of positions at Ford Motor Company and was a member of Ford's board.  He joined Chrysler in 1986 as executive vice president and was shortly thereafter elected to the Chrysler Corporation board.  Prior to rejoining GM as vice chairman on September 1, 2001, Lutz was chairman and chief executive officer of Exide Technologies.
While Bob certainly has had an illustrious career full of many achievements but he is also a serious car enthusiast with a very interesting collection of vehicles.  The cars run the gamut from Cunningham coupes to a Monteverdi.  Sprinkle another assortment of interesting cars and a couple of jet fighters and you have some serious horsepower in the Lutz stable.
Having an honorary chairman who has had a life-long love affair with cars and who is known to have strong views on automotive styling makes Bob the perfect person to preside over one of the most elegant shows in the country.
 The Elegance at Hershey, with activities at and near The Hotel Hershey in Hershey, Pennsylvania, will be held June 13-15. See for more information.