Handing Over A Hemi

You've always wanted one, now you can WIN one!

Andy Bolig - May 09, 2014 11:55 AM


(NOT the actual engine to be given away)

Credit: Carlisle Events

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The engine is based on a 5.7 and this year expect horsepower numbers in the high 400HP range

Special reunions, guests and displays are already slated for the 2014 Carlisle Chrysler Nationals and now, a special giveaway is planned too. 

The event runs July 11-13 at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds and on Saturday afternoon of the event weekend, one special enthusiast will walk away (so to speak) with the prize of a lifetime, a third generation Hemi engine.

The engine is based on a 5.7 and this year expect horsepower numbers in the high 400HP range (close to 500). This offers plenty of power but, with the right combination, could still get over 20MPG and still be VERY streetable. Along with the engine, the winner will get a carburetor and ignition system that will allow it to go into any older Mopar. Or, if the winner is the owner of a newer Hemi Jeep, truck or car (LX or LC platform), simply swap the EFI and ignition system onto this engine and drop it in.  Either way, it’s the type of prize that enthusiasts simply won’t say no to.

“Late model Hemi swaps are finally starting to gain popularity,” noted event manager Ed Buczeskie.  “Many of us are afraid of the electronics and wiring that’s typically involved with a third gen Hemi swap but all of that ‘voodoo’ goes out the window since this one will come with an old school carburetor.  If the winner really wants EFI or already has an EFI-equipped vehicle, it can always be added.”

Attendance is not required to win the engine and no additional purchase is necessary. Hopeful winners may sign up on-site via one of many kiosks located within the Guest Services building during the event  or online now via the Carlisle Events web page at

In addition to the engine giveaway, guests coming to Carlisle in July can experience a unique all-Mopar- themed weekend.  There are historically-significant displays, a hall of fame induction Saturday night, plus you can celebrate 100 Years of Dodge, 50 Years of the Barracuda, an A12 Reunion and even 40 Years of Carlisle Events.  Further, industry-specific guests will be onsite and as always, the popular FREE seminars return to better educate Mopar enthusiasts on a myriad of topics.  In total, the 2014 weekend once again highlights the best from Detroit and beyond.