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Retired plant manager now ambassador for Corvette Homecoming

Andy Bolig - August 08, 2013 10:11 AM


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Everyone knows and respects Wil for his knowledge and friendly personality

Wil Cooksey, former Corvette Assembly Plant Manager from 1993-2008 has been named as National Corvette Homecoming's Goodwill Ambassador according to Joe Pruitt, NCH Owner.

Joe stated "We are delighted to have Wil as our Ambassador as we know how much he can contribute to our program. Everyone knows and respects Wil for his knowledge and friendly personality."
Mr. Cooksey, a 2013 National Corvette Museum Corvette Hall of Fame inductee, remembers National Corvette Homecoming's earlier days when the show was very large and well attended. The show declined for a few years due to varied reasons, but when Joe and Vera Pruitt assumed full responsibility for the show, it has grown larger each year. Mr. Cooksey states, "When I first talked about the show with Joe in my office, I asked him what he was going to do to grow the show since, after all, it is here in Bowling Green which is the home of the Corvette. Joe promised me he would make every effort to add his special touch to it, and he clearly has made great improvements each year. I look forward to promoting Corvette Homecoming with Joe and Vera."