Final Day at Ford Show

2012 Carlisle Ford Nationals presented by Gumout Performance Products

Larry Jewett - June 03, 2012 09:21 AM


Quality cars like these retractables always make viewing of the show field an extra special treat.


The popular Miss Carlisle competition drew nine entries. The judges had some tough choices.


Pinto Stampede leader Norm Bagi puts the Boss to the test. Bagi's group raises money for Wounded Warriors


With Gary Patterson at the wheel and John Luft riding shotgun, the powerful Shelby 1000 was a hit at Carlisle. Only 100 will be made and some, according to Luft, are still available.


Popular Ford GT models were near the head of the parade to downtown Carlisle

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The stage is set for the final day of the 2012 Carlisle Ford Nationals presented by Gumout Performance Products, but it seems like it only just begun. Near perfect conditions marked day two as the normally hot weather yielded to moderate for this year. With clouds and a slight breeze, the temperature never reached 80, making it comfortbale for those walking through the fairgrounds and nearby exhibit areas.

During a luncheon event, Carlisle officials posted the car count at 2,700, including nearly 400 Shelby cars that were on hand. Many of these cars were involved with the Team Shelby Norheast events. There were 50 car clubs represented, covering Fords of all types.

The popular burnout contest filled the grandstands while simultaneously filling the air with tire smoke and the smell of burning rubber, punctuated with the occasion boom of a tire letting go. The event was followed by an engine giveway with the winner coming from Nevada. The Fairgrounds activity of the day concluded with the Miss Carlisle beauty pageant that saw nine entries.

Even though the Saturday action ended at the Fairgrounds, it didn't stop for the day. Many cars joined the parade to downtown Carlisle where a street party was set up in the center of the town. Those who didn't participate in the parade left the fairgrounds to put their cars in the nearby parking garages and pulled up chairs to watch the throng go by.

Awards ceremonies highlight the final day as the Carlisle Ford Nationals wraps up a run that can only be labeled enjoyable.