Everyone Loves a Parade

From the Show Field to Downtown

Larry Jewett - May 09, 2014 10:37 AM


Soon, many of these cars at Carlisle Fairgrounds will lower their hoods and line up for the annual parade. The event will be on August 23 this year.

Lawrence Giberson

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      Carlisle Events is as much a part of the community as the community is a part of Carlisle Events.  Annually events at Carlisle dump nearly $100 million into the local economy and residents are able to capitalize monetarily and otherwise on the events that take place at the Carlisle (Pennsylvania) Fairgrounds. In addition, select events at Carlisle offer free aspects designed to showcase our events to locals without the pressure of having to buy a ticket. It’s a case of bringing the show to the people in the form of a parade.
      Corvettes at Carlisle (August 22-24) will again feature a parade from the fairgrounds to the downtown area with the parade scheduled for August 23. As part of the downtown gathering, live music will emanate from the square of downtown Carlisle. Corvette enthusiasts enjoy the M80s Band)on the Cumberland County Courthouse steps.
      Starting at the Carlisle Fairgrounds, the parade snakes southeast on Clay St. before turning right onto Hanover St.  At that point, cars advance upon the square where they fan out and park. The festivities wrap around 10 p.m. with the streets clearing and normal traffic flow returning to the downtown area.
      “Downtown Carlisle is very fortunate to be able to host car enthusiasts from around the world,” said Glenn White, Executive Director of the Downtown Carlisle Association.  “This year we are especially proud to be teaming these parades with Carlisle Events’ 40th Anniversary Celebration,” continued White.  “The Corvette parade is special because it showcases these American-made and designed vehicles as they were meant to be - with good friends and loved ones next to you, rolling through a historic downtown with streetlights and neon from the downtown theater reflecting off of these American engineering masterpieces.  These parades are special and we are proud to have them in downtown Carlisle.”